The Team!


The Team

Mom often said, “Many hands make light work”, and it is so true with Ride Hard.  Breathe Easy.

I work at SAP, and SAP has graciously included this effort in our Corporate Social Responsibility program. About 20 SAP employees are helping with the plan from creating the communications plan, branding and tagline, deciding on the analytics to measure and developing an app by the time the ride starts.

In addition, The Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and Lung Cancer Alliance are deeply involved with the planning, and the money we raise will go to them so they further their efforts supporting lung cancer patients and their families.

And I have had help from Guy’s Bicycles, Adventure Cycling, Breakaway Bikes Training and Spark Cycle Fitness to get ready for the journey.  So many thanks to everyone for your support!

A big thanks to the following organizations for their support!

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