There’s no I in TEAM

By: Terri Ann DiJulio, two-time lung cancer survivor and rider for RHBE

There’s no I in TEAM

Well the new team arrived yesterday and took reins from Lisa, Ann, Diana and Jeanine..Great job ladies!!

We starting riding today and the day was not without its challenges. First David and Leah flew in last night from California. Jean, Kevin and Terri Ann drove in from Philadelphia. David brought his bike with him and when he put it together upon arrival, he found there was an issue with his seat clamp. So Leah and I starting the ride while David and our Super Star SAG drivers Jean and Kevin went to look for the part needed for David’s bike.

10 miles in, my back tire blows… Leah to the rescue changing my tire for me. And with the help of strangers offering a power pump, I was back in business in no time. Gotta love the kindness of strangers, right?!?

David finds the part he needs and joins us at mile 30. Then after a lunch stop and at mile 44, Leah’s front tire goes flat. Does that stop us? NO! I continue on and David and Leah were to catch up with me… just a mile down the road we see signs for “Grooved Pavement” and that grooved pavement lasted for 11 miles!!!! Truly the hardest part of our day!

Did we let that stop us? NO! We finished the day at 80 miles and rode from Buffalo, NY to Erie, PA. Chasing down lung cancer one mile at a time!

On a personal note:

Today was an emotional day for me. If you are following our ride, you know that today was my tribute day and as a two-time lung cancer survivor it was important to me to show Lung cancer who is boss; I wanted to complete all 80 miles personally.

Our team knew my goal and every single one of them helped me reach that goal. Leah and David set the pace and carried the day so I could draft at a comfortable pace. Jean and Kevin were there not only when I needed water but they were also there with a hug when I hit the wall at mile 56 and needed a good cry. I can’t thank them enough for their kindness, effort and teamwork!

Boy does our team ROCK!! What a day!

Finding a bike shop
11 miles? Seriously!
The kindness of strangers
The Amazing Team!
Leah to the rescue!
We made it!!!

Ride Hard Breathe Easy Goes International!

Thank you for the warm welcome, Oh Canada!

Today, the Fearsome Foursome of Ann, Lisa, Dina and Jeanine took Ride Hard Breathe Easy into, and out of, Canada.  Well done ladies!

Yesterday, as they were riding, they also took care of a not so minor van problem, one where the brakes were in bad need of repair.  They rode over 100 miles, got the van fixed and went out for a nice dinner.  Only to get up early, go international and finish in Buffalo to do an official turnover to Kevin, Jean and Terri Ann.

Welcome to the new RHBEers

The new group also picked up David and Leah and made their way to Niagra Falls.  See the RHBE Challenge Coin with some water in the background!

Leah, Terri Ann, Jean, Kevin and David will now continue the journey for the next four days.  Enjoy the ride into Ohio and we will see you in Ohio!

Ride Hard Breathe Easy Day 11 is in the books!

RHBE on The Erie Canal!

Anudder blog by Ann, Di, Lisa and Jeanine…

RHBE on the Erie Canal!

What a day of accomplishments.  We had great teamwork by the team of Lisa, Jeanine, Diana and Ann, each riding and we went over 100 miles.  And major kudos to Kimberly Kapustay and Shariff for their kindness and help.  The van was not vantastic (brake problems) and we brought it into the shop for some fixing.  That is where Kimberly was a big help so we could continue riding.

We did lots of Erie Canal trail riding with viewing a number of beautiful sights along the way.  Onto Niagara Falls tomorrow. Looking forward to some absolutely incredible views and seeing one of the Wonders  of the World!

Day 10 is in the books!!

Long ride, short blog!

By: Ann, Lisa, Diana and Jeanine – Friends for years and riding with a purpose

Day One of Three is in the Books!

“Hometown Friends” Day One is in the books!  We had a great ride from Utica to Clyde, New York.   Great weather and  scenic views along the Erie cCanal trail.

We are looking forward to another great day tomorrow. Had a lot of time to think about Gail Hausser and many others battling lung cancer. We are all so glad to be on this ride together!

Lisa, Jeanine, Diana and Ann

Teamwork Makes the Dream work.

By: Karen Owens, Rider, SAGger and an amazing sister

Today was all about teamwork.

Pat, Michael, Jack and I hit the road a little after 8:00 knowing today was going to be a hot one with a lot of climbing. Our goal was 60 miles and we surpassed it (63 miles, yay us!!). It was ladies first with me starting out, logging about 10 miles.

Let’s be honest

I’ll be honest with you … my legs were spent with those hills. Pat and Mike got on the road next and biked another 10. Then it was Mike & Jack for another 10 (are you sensing a pattern?). Pat and Mike then tackled a tough 14 miles with lots of incline.

I got back on the road for 11 miles, first with Jack, then with Mike. Pat and Mike then got us to our goal with the final miles being the hardest of the day, a steady climb for 4 straight miles. I topped it off with a few miles at the end to get us to a better spot for tomorrow’s team to take over. Jack, my husband Paul and our good friend Mike Muller will continue the ride beginning at Friendly Fred’s. My advice to them … don’t muck it up 😉.

I am a Lucky Girl.

Today was great. One after another we all chipped in and worked together towards our goal. It wasn’t easy, but it certainly was fun, memorable and rewarding. It made me really appreciate the people in my life. The family and friends that support me and are by my side for the ups and downs of life (literally). I am honored to be part of this incredible journey with Ride Hard Breathe Easy. And I am grateful for the wonderful people in my life. I’m a lucky girl. 🍀

A Great Ride into and out of Boston!

By: Pat McElroy, part SAGger / part rider…and a goooooood guy

A beautiful late New England summer day began with Jack and Karen finishing off Route 6 of RHBE 2018.  The ride began 15 miles outside of Boston and ended in the heart of Boston. Along the route there were beautiful, natural landscapes as well as a quick stop at Fenway Park for everyone.

Got some Young Guns Riding!

Jack and Karen finished up along the Charles River Greenway, where we did a quick rider change and the young guns (Jack Owens and Michael Matthews) joined Jack for an 11 mile tour along the river.  Upon exiting the safe zone of the Charles River Greenway, the boys hopped back into the safety of the van, and Jack was joined by Pat for a few flat miles on the road.
Now it was time for some hills.  Jack continued on the road after a quick bite and pounded out 30 tough miles before he had to head to the airport to return to Philly.  Karen took over on the bike and the rest of us drove Jack to Worcester Train station so he could navigate his way to the airport.

Way to go Kar-Babe!

Karen crushed out 13 miles before we finally caught up to her!  Now it was time to close out the day with an enjoyable, mostly flat ride through New England.  Michael and Pat jumped on their bikes looking forward to ending this part of the ride after having been driving.

These map things on the bike can be quirky

Jack told me yesterday that sometime the routes that are mapped out aren’t really appropriate for road bikes.  Michael and I found this out first hand.  The route took use off-road at times.  Needless to say, we fought through rocks, sand, gravel and grass, re-routed ourselves onto a long, steep hill, and ultimately made to our meet up point Dunroamin Country Club.
Ride Hard Breathe Easy, Day 5, is in the books!

Day 4 – the end for SAG Team 1!

By Beth Solomon and Karen Pitassi, SAG Team 1

Beautiful..and then a little flat

The day started with us finding a beautiful trail and lake. And just as we were going to enjoy, John gets a flat as in flat tire. Luckily we were 5 minutes away, but no fun for us. 30 minutes later, bike and John were good as new.

Once back on the road, we were able to enjoy driving through a forest in Massachusetts. And of course we scored the best lunches including today in Grafton, MA at the Bushel-N-Peck Deli where everything was Wicked good.

Of course, John decides to ride 6 more miles. The good news was instead of meeting Karen, Pat, Michael, and Jack at a cemetery, we met at Fino Field with lots of parking allowing for an easy transition and hand-off. We hope the next team has as much fun as we did and r-r-r-rides hard and bre-e-e-a-a-ath easy.

Beth and Karen

What a difference a day makes!

By: Beth Solomon & Karen Pitassi (They re-defined the meaning of SAGgers)

What a difference!

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday we were driving through the Bronx where cars were double parked and barely room for the Van to fit through. And no idea where John and Erwil were.

Today we were in bucolic Connecticut. For a few minutes it almost felt like Indiana with the cornfields on either side.

Back to school!

We also got to see Yale – a first for both of us. And we finally got around to cleaning and organizing the van making John happy. We also didn’t miss a beat. We are not sure how we did it, but we were always within 1-2 miles of John and were able to greet his smiling face, after a 106 bike ride (a personal best)!

All in all another amazing day.  Thank you John for letting us be a small part of this fantastic ride to help raise awareness and money to end lung cancer!

Keep on biking!

Your SAG team (Sexy Ass Girls)

3 states, 2 riders, 1 cause. What a day, what an adventure.

By: Erwil Heath, SAP colleague, 2-day RHBE rider and friend,

A Big Thank you!

First off, a BIG thank you to the Ride Hard Breathe Easy organizing team (John, Beth & Karen), this would not be possible be without your drive, passion, commitment and flawless execution. Thank you.

A Great Ride

Back to the Day 2’s ride. What a perfect day, and even better ride. I have a new appreciation for my lungs and legs. 180 miles in two days with limited training was no real problem (Hands and feet are hurting :-)) when you have perfect weather like we had today. The entire day was picture perfect and the wind was on our side.

Cycling through New York and crossing the George Washington bridge was one of those “living the dream moments” and I will never forget it.

So go for a ride!

So take out your bike this weekend, explore your city from a different angle, take in the fresh air and remember to ride hard and breathe easy.

Enjoy the ride, enjoy the journey!

Ride Hard Breathe Easy Day 2 is in the books!


What a Sendoff from The Prep

Another Special Start

Day 1 of Ride Hard Breathe Easy was a special start to this year’s ride.  It felt like last year all over again, with family and friends each doing their parts.  And we again had support from firefighters, this time with a rousing and loud sendoff from Local 22!  Thank you, Greg, Ed and team!

We started at The Prep, and I am so grateful for everything The Prep did to again support the ride.  Kevin Ryan helped setup the day and even met us at the end of the ride, so he could drive two teachers back who were part of the ride.  Susie Cook, the first EVER RHBE female rider, and Andrew Whelan each joined us for our over 90-mile trek today.  Thank you each for making our day that much more special.

The Magnificent Seven

We were also joined by Erwil Heath from SAP, Bob Burke and Kevin Larkin from Guy’s Bicycles, and my brudder, Tom Tom.  We smiled, laughed, pedaled and had a great time winding through Bucks County, take the bridge from New Hope to Lambertville and finishing at Plainfield, NJ.  Thank you each for adding your brains, your wit and everything you brought to make the day so much fun.

Great support, as always

Our SAGgers, Beth and Karen, are experienced SAGgers from last year’s ride, and they kept us fed, hydrated and laughing all day.  And our finishing beer.  Great job, ladies.  We have another few days together and I am really looking forward to having some more laughs.

Looking Forward

Tomorrow will be anudder fun day, as we will head up north and make our way to Cannondale before finishing another 90 miles.  Erwil and I are proudly riding Cannondale and are excited to meet the gang from Cannondale.

22 more fun days ahead.  Thakns to everyone for joining us at the start, and as always, Go Prep!

Day 1 of Ride Hard Breathe Easy 2018 is in the books!