WHAT. A. Day!

Going to The Hill!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going to Capitol Hill with 150+ lung cancer advocates, looking for improvements to lung cancer funding and research. The commitment and passion of each advocate runs deep, and the stories are very personal and were met with empathy and love.

Whether it was the woman whose husband died of lung cancer at the age of 30, four months after their wedding. Or the marathon runner who has run 19 marathons since her diagnosis. Or the formal NFL football player whose wife died at 37 of lung cancer. Or the teacher from Tennessee who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and is advocating and raising money for lung cancer every day. Or whether it is about Beth and me, whose Moms were each diagnosed with lung cancer.

This group of incredible people will continue to fight and advocate for better research and funding for the number one cancer killer in the world. And yesterday, we walked the Halls of Congress all day to get more support from our government.

We did Pennsylvania Proud!

John Nissim, Beth and I represented the great state of Pennsylvania. We were warmly greeted by the legislative aides from the offices of Representative Bob Brady, Representative Mike Doyle, Representative Dwight Evans, Representative Brendan Boyle, Senator Pat Toomey and Senator Bob Casey.

They each will do what they can to support our two main asks:

1 – Co-sponsor the “Women and Lung Cancer Research and Preventive Services Act of 2018”

2 – Approve $20M in FY19 Defense Appropriation for Lung Cancer Research

In addition, I am happy to say that the Ride Hard Breathe Easy Challenge was met with great enthusiasm and many advocates (and their families) will ride in November while we “Ride Around the World”. We also received the same enthusiasm during each of our meetings in Congress!  Everyone loved our new video!

In the evening, Dana Quinn and I each received Lung Cancer Alliance’s 2018 Volunteer and Leadership and Advocacy Award. Dana dedicates an extraordinary amount of time and effort advocating for all lung cancer patients, and was an integral part in planning the 10th Annual National Advocacy Summit.

Many Hands Make Light Work

My recognition was because of the work that the 100+ people did last year and are doing this year with Ride Hard Breathe Easy. I humbly accepted this award on behalf of all of us, once again proving what Mom said so often. “Many Hands Make Light Work.”

So, as we continue forward with our work, I think of two things

First, anyone with lungs can get lung cancer.

Secondly, anyone can get on any bike and ride any distance…and be an important part of the Ride Hard Breathe Easy Challenge

And as always, please consider donating to our cause at www.rhbe.org


By Francis Spruit, Lung Cancer Survivor

My Diagnosis

I was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer on December 13, 2007, 10 years ago now. I was staged 1B because the tumor was confined to my right upper lobe, size 6.1×6.8×6.5 cm (the size of an apple). My pulmonologist called me with the results of the biopsy and told me I had Non Small Cell Lung Cancer. I met with my thoracic surgeon a few days later and had surgery the day before Christmas.

How does it feel to hear you have cancer?

My initial reaction to cancer came before the actual diagnosis. My GP had ordered an X-ray and the radiology report indicated a mass in my right upper lobe. She called me into her office. I asked my wife to come along and that’s when we first heard the words “possibly cancer”. I remember a sense of numbness and immediate fear of dying, soon. The days following, I spent time learning about lung cancer, mostly online. One of the first things I wanted to find out were survival statistics. They tell you not to look at statistics. I wanted to know and I found that the five year survival rate was roughly 15%. Although I had no idea about staging and possible therapies, in my mind the only thing that mattered was clear: “how will I get in the 15% group?”

Building your network

No matter how short or long the cancer journey, make sure to surround yourself with a few people that DO and then follow their example. You can talk to many people and many will talk to you about cancer. You can attempt to research until you are exhausted from googling everything about lung cancer. What ultimately matters is what you DO to make your journey better. I loved getting visits from friends and family when I was in the hospital. Short visits but they DID something to make it better for me and my wife.  My surgeon did something interesting every time she came to check on me, which was almost daily for 2-3 weeks after surgery. She would make it a point to always ask me: “What did you do?” Most people are used to the question: “How are you?” and nothing much comes from the question or even the answer to it. After a few days I realized that the question “What did you do?” really meant “What did you do … to get better?” What it really means is that I am in charge of my journey, no one else. You do need people to truly help you. And I know that my dear wife Roslyn and son Dante were vital in getting me through the dark days of pain from surgery and nausea induced by chemo therapy. But beating cancer has a lot to do with attitude, you must take charge! You have to DO something to get better. Also, anyone who spends any time or energy on dwelling on the negative aspects of cancer (and there are many) should just be quiet. Every ounce of strength and energy the patient and his immediate circle can muster will have to go to positive action. Have no patience for negativity.

Advocacy is an important part of our lives

Roslyn and I started getting involved in lung cancer advocacy. We visited Washington DC to talk to our representatives to make sure the funding discrepancy between lung cancer and other cancers will be addressed and corrected. It is a long, drawn out process but you know what? I’m not going anywhere, not any time soon. We’ll be back there.

Finally, as so often unexpected, there is a silver lining. Although cancer is a very challenging disease it will invariably bring fantastic people into your life that will make your life better, richer. Like the good folks at RHBE, you have to DO something to make life better.

Why I’m selfish

Note from John: Deena is one of those people who inspires me every day.  Dad and I met Deena in Dallas when Deena and I were on a panel about lung cancer.  And yes, I let everyone know the one thing I hate more than The Dallas Cowboys…is lung cancer.  

By: Deena Cook, Self-Proclaimed Lung Cancer Activist

I am a very selfish lung cancer activist. This is why.

I love my husband!  American heroes, those who have served in our Armed Forces, have a 25% higher incidence of lung cancer. My husband, a Navy veteran repaired jet engines and served on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. He does not qualify for lung cancer screening.  His risk is much higher risk than mine, yet I was diagnosed with lung cancer twice!   This is why I advocate for the Department of Defense to maintain and increase funds for the CDMRP Lung Cancer Research Program. This is important for everyone, especially our heroes!

I love my children and grandchildren! My father had lung cancer; I was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Many lung cancer patients have also lost family members to this insidious disease.  Despite the fact that 20% of lung cancer patients NEVER smoked; we are still stuck on the unfounded premise that if you do not smoke or quit smoking you will not be diagnosed with lung cancer. Young healthy adults, especially women, with no known risk factors are being diagnosed with late stage lung cancer. We do not know why.   This is why I advocate for Congress to pass The Women and Lung Cancer Research and Preventive Service Act of 2018.  The prevention strategy is fatally flawed; anyone with lungs can be diagnosed with lung cancer. Our children and grandchildren DESERVE aggressive lung cancer research for their protection.

I want to dance at my Grandchildren’s weddings! Despite the fact that my lung cancers were found early, there is no guarantee I will remain cancer free. Lung cancer reoccurrence rate is high. Currently there is no successful adjunct treatment to insure all of the cancer cells in my body were eliminated.  The 5 year survival rate for lung cancer patients is 18.6%. Lung cancer takes the life of more than 400 of our loved ones, friends and neighbors each and every day. Funding for effective lung cancer treatments to improve outcomes is drastically inadequate. This is why I advocate every year with Lung Cancer Alliance at the National Lung Cancer Summit.

Yes, I am downright SELFISH.  We need many, many more people to selfishly fight for themselves and their loved ones! Lung cancer does not discriminate. The prevention only campaign will not end this disease. NO ONE deserves lung cancer.  So I’m selfishly recruiting for activists to spread awareness about this silent epidemic and help IMPROVE outcomes for ALL lung cancer patients.  It’s easy, I did it and I never looked back! Please contact Lung Cancer Alliance at 1-202-463-2080 or email: info@lungcanceralliance.org. Tell them Deena sent you!

Selfishly I also ask you to support the incredible RHBE efforts.  John is working hard to ensure I will keep dancing!  I have FAITH, that with more passionate and motivated people just like John; we WILL make a difference and SAVE lives!  That’s worth being a little selfish don’t you think?


From One on One to Many on Many

Ride Hard Breathe Easy Year 2!

Ride Hard Breathe Easy began last year, and was about one guy (me) on one bike, riding for his Mom.  Yes, there were over 100 people making the ride happen, but the narrative and all of the stories were about a guy riding his bike a long way.

For this year, and all rides going forward, our approach has shifted to many people on many bikes, fighting for all lung cancer patients.  I am proud to say that today, exactly two months until Go Day of August 23, we have 30+ people riding and driving this year to support our mission to end the suffering and stigma associated with lung cancer in memory of My Amazing Mom.

Cycling Novices

Most of us aren’t exactly accomplished cyclists.  Instead, we have a passionate group of people dedicated to this cause, and together we will ride 1850+ miles, over 23 days across 9 states, and we will finish in Washington DC on September 14.

The route is decided, and you can learn about our plans HERE.  Also, in November, we will “Ride Around the World” during the Ride Hard Breathe Easy Challenge.  So, learn more on how to be involved, join our Strava Club and make your mile(s) count!

More blogs are coming!

You will start seeing more blogs leading into the ride, and the next two blogs will be quite special.  They are from two friends who are lung cancer survivors, Deena Cook and Francis Spruit.  They are incredible people, and fiercely dedicated to the lung cancer cause.  Together, the three of us and 150 others will be in Washington DC next month to have our collective voices heard at Congress.  And while we are there, we will tell anyone with ears that we are challenging them to be part of the Ride Hard Breathe Easy Challenge in November.

Deena, Francis and everyone impacted by lung cancer would appreciate your help in two ways.  First, share what we are doing with your networks, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagrm, whatever.  Yup.  Go do it now.  No worries, I can wait.

And secondly, donate and get others to donate so that The Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and Lung Cancer Alliance have more money to do their great work.

Thanks, Mom and Dad

Dad, every day (and night), we will follow your motto of “Life is to be celebrated”.  We will do it in memory of Mom and in support of all people affected by lung cancer.  We CERTAINLY have the right people to make that happen again this year.

Mom, you inspired us with your strength during your battle with lung cancer.  You taught us about dignity and grace through your incredible will to live.  You refused to give up, you refused to give in and you did so with humor and always with a smile.  We miss you every day, and we are all riding for you.


Yup.  Two months til Go Time.  And who knows, maybe, just maybe, Karen will even do some training for her ride up in Massachusetts!

Getting Ready for Ride Hard Breathe Easy 2018! Will you join us in November?

ACS Bike-a-Thon 2018

ACS 2018 start
Getting ready to let Michael win

Yesterday morning, my brother, Patrick, his son, Michael, and I joined thousands of riders in the annual American Cancer Society Bike-a-Thon.  The ride goes from The Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia to Atlantic City and covers 66.5 (ish) miles.

ACS Bike-a-Thon image
Honest, we are not in last place!

We were up early, and started riding at 6:30AM.  There were several stops along the route, with plenty of animal crackers, oranges, watermelons and water.  Beer would, fortunately or unfortunately, have to wait until we finished!

You could tell that many people were not passionate cyclists, instead they were there, like us, to ride in support, or in memory of, loved ones.  We finished at 12:15 (yes, Michael won again this year) and we enjoyed the timid weather.  It was between 65 and 70 degrees for the entire ride.  Whew.

Ride Hard Breathe Easy 2018 is Gearing Up

The ACS Bike-a-Thon is sort of like the unofficial kick off to Ride Hard Breathe Easy 2018.  We are a little more than two months from “Go Day” at The Prep, starting at 9:00 AM on August 23.  And our thinking is, if we can do 66.5 miles like we did yesterday, we can certainly team up and do 1850+ miles.

2018 Route
If you want to join for a part of the ride, contact me at john@rhbe.org

So far, we have 30 (ish) people signed up to ride or drive during our 23-day journey which will finish in Washington DC on Friday, September 14.  The route is finalized and the cycling shirts are designed!

Shirt design
Who loves the new jerseys??

And like last year, we will have a tribute every day to honor someone impacted by lung cancer.  If you have a loved one to recognize, contact us at tribute@rhbe.org.

More to come Before Go Day!

Over the next two months, we will finish the planning, share how the money raised will be spent, look to get on television, and make progress every day.  In these blogs, you will hear about our progress, and we will share much more about the daily tributes.  In addition, you will hear from people riding, people driving and from survivors, as, together, we get ready to fight this terrible disease.

Will you join us in November?

The TeamThe Team has been hard at work over the past six months  and we have made tremendous progress.  So, I ask you for your help.  In November, we will “Ride Around the World”, and you will see in this video what you can do to be a part of our exciting Challenge.  And, it’s very simple.  Setup a profile on Strava, ride some miles and record them in Strava.  Yup, that’s it, and your rides will also be a part of “Riding Around the World” and fighting lung cancer.

Will you join Strava and ride a mile in November with The Ride Hard Breathe Easy Club?  Your miles matter, and we would appreciate your support, as together, we chase down a cure for lung cancer.


Ride Hard. Breathe Easy. TOGETHER!

We start in 3+Months!

RouteIn a little over three and a half months, we begin Ride Hard Breathe Easy, 2018!  The team has been hard at work since November, and we have created the 2,600-mile route for this year.  Here are some of the highlights, and we look forward to having you involved again this year:

  • We start at The Prep on August 23 at 9:00AM, and you can see the entire route at RHBE 2018
  • The route will go through 11 states (PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, OH, IN, KY, NC and VA)
  • We will finish on September 27 in Washington, DC
  • We will again have a daily tribute to people impacted by lung cancer. You can see our tributes from last year by clicking HERE.

Anyone can be a part!

This year, we will have many more people involved, which is why our slogan is Ride Hard Breathe Easy TOGETHER.  You too can be a part of our campaign to end the suffering and stigma associated with lung cancer by

  • RIDING – either join us for the 2600-mile ride or ride in November, which is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. You will see information at RHBE 2018 V1
  • DRIVING – do you want to be part of the diving team? Contact me at john@rhbe.org
  • CHEERING – Like, Share, Tweet, Follow us on social media
  • DONATING – at rhbe.org
  • HONORING someone with a tribute by contacting us at tribute@rhbe.org

Ireland radio stationKaren, Pat, Dan and I just returned from a wonderful trip to Ireland, and we enjoyed every moment with family.  While we were there, we were interviewed by a local radio station for our ride in 2017.  You can see the radio on the Ride Hard Breathe Easy Facebook page.  And we were invited back to potentially do a future Ride Hard Breathe Easy in Ireland along The Wild Atlantic Way!  Johnny van Oosten, it will be great to ride with you in Ireland one of these years and fight lung cancer!

Many Hands, Many Legs

During the rest of the month, we will continue to make progress, as we will create our social media plan, develop a video, create a new design for our biking shirts, update the donation website, get our list of riders and drivers and much, much more.  “Many Hands Will Make Light Work” again this year, and “Many Legs” will make sure we complete another epic ride (2,600 miles!) and ride “Around the World” in November.

So, thank you to everyone for getting us to where we are today, ready to fight lung cancer with our many hands and legs.  And lung cancer, we are here for the long haul.  And we won’t quit until we raise a total of $1 Million Dollars.

“If you want to touch the future, touch a life”

On Thursday night, we held our 2018 Ride Hard Breathe Easy Kickoff call.  We have been planning for three months and we were excited to share our initial plans with a wider group of people.

Lung cancer global stat
#1 cancer killer in the world, by a lot

So why are we riding again this year?

Lung cancer kills more people every year than any other cancer in the world, and it is the number one cancer killer in every state in this country.  It kills more women.  It kills more men.  And the funding is simply not fair.  And for me, it is personal.  Lung cancer took my Mom’s life, I miss her every day and I simply need to do something.

Thankfully, there are many people involved with Ride Hard Breathe Easy, and together, we will continue to make a difference in the fight for all lung cancer patients.

Last year, the focus was on one person, riding one bike across the country.  3500+ miles, 12 state, and over 1,000 people helped, drove, rode, donated or followed what we did.  This year, we are going much bigger, with many more people on many more bikes.

Many LEGS Make Light Work!

Many Legs Make Light Work

Mom had a wonderful saying, that “Many hands make light work”, and that saying helped me in 2017 to start, plan and finish the ride.  In 2018, the focus will be on the many people who will be riding many bikes.  We will do two rides and you will see details by the end of April.  Contact me at john@rhbe.org if you want to join either ride, and here are the basics:

  • We will do a 2500-mile bike ride starting August 23 from The Prep (my high school Alma mater). I was fortunate they awarded me the “Father Schnorr Service Award” and you can see a video by clicking HERE.
    Go Prep!

    Many people will ride many bikes as we go to New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Ireland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia and Washington DC.

  • We will have a “Virtual ride” in November, Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Anyone can get on any bike, anywhere in the world during the month, and together we will ride enough miles (24,901) to “ride around the world”.

Many Hands Still Make Light Work

We have many helpers already, and if you want to join a dedicated group of people fighting lung cancer, you can come join us by

  • Riding, either on the 2,500-mile ride or in November
  • Being active in social media. You can follow this blog, follow or like on Facebook or follow on Twitter @ride4lungs
  • Joining a committee. We have over 30 people involved, committees meet monthly and it is easy for anyone to lend a hand

So What’s Next?

I am glad you asked!  Our focus at this point is to put the basics in place by the end of April, specifically

  1. The 2,500-mile route, including who is riding and driving during the five weeks
  2. A couple infographics to explain more about the rides
  3. The ww.rhbe.org site so it is fully operational by May 1

And a couple final thoughts

Our mission is to end the suffering and stigma of lung cancer, in memory of Kathleen Matthews.  This Ride Hard Breathe Easy Team is committed to touching the lives of people impacted by lung cancer.  The American Cancer Society project that 1 in 17 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer in their lifetime.  1 in 17.  So our work has incredible purpose, and we know we will be helping someone we each know.

We leave from The Prep in 144 days, and you will 144hear more in the coming months.  And we are emboldened by the quote below, knowing we will make a difference in many, many lives.


“If you want to touch the past, touch a rock.  If you want to touch the present, touch a flower.  If you want to touch the future, touch a life”.  Author unknown

We Hit the Road on August 23!

This time, we will start at The Prep!  Go Prep!

The Ride Hard Breathe Easy Team met again this week, and we have made a couple of very important decisions!

The PrepFirst, our “Bid Ride” will begin on Thursday, August 23, and we will be starting at The Prep at 17th and Girard in Philadelphia.  The ride will be about 2,500 miles and over five weeks, with many different people riding segments throughout the journey.  We will pass through New Jersey, New York, Boston, Columbus, Kentucky, North Carolina, and we will finish our  ride in Washington DC.  We will begin working on the exact route in early March and will include some stops along the way.  James Cancer CenterThe first stop we have already confirmed is at THE James Cancer Center at THE Ohio State University.

Second, we will have a ride during all of Lung Cancer Awareness Month (November) where anyone in the world can get on any bike on any day of November.  We will collect your miles on www.Strava.com, and our initial goal is for us to collectively ride enough miles to go”virtually” around the world, which is 24,901 miles!  So get your bike ready!  More details to come!

Ride Hard Breathe Easy Planning will start in March

In addition, we will begin planning all elements of each ride next month.  We have committees established and volunteers for the “Big Ride”, the “November ride”, Communications and connecting with organizations to be part of our campaign.  There are currently 30 people involved in the various committees, and, if you are interested in helping, let me know at john@rhbe.org and we will find a spot for you.

To start the planning, we will host our RHBE 2018 Kickoff call on Thursday, March 8 at 7:00PM where we will share our plans, answer your questions and discuss how anyone can get involved to fight lung cancer.

Please join the call

March 8 at 7:00PM East Coast Time

Phone number  1-866-312-7353.  Access code is 130 299 3083

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to end the stigma and suffering associated with lung cancer, in memory of Kathleen Matthews.  And this year, we are looking to raise another $100,000 for The Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and Lung Cancer Alliance.

We hope to hear from you and see you on the bike later this year!

Do you see lung cancer as a problem?

If so, be part of the solution!

The Ride Hard Breathe Easy Team has been hard at work over the past six weeks, deciding how we can do our part to fight lung cancer in 2018.  And……drum roll please….the results are in.

As we looked back at what we accomplished last year, we decided on some key principles that determined what we will do this year and beyond and we came to these four things:

  • Continue to do work with, and for, LCA and BJALCF, two 4-star Charity Navigator organizations
  • Change the ride from one person (me going across the country) to many people being on the bike during a long “relay” ride
  • Do more activities throughout the year
  • Make it easy to manage so many more people can choose to participate, on or off the bike

So what does that include?  Glad you asked, and there are four things you can do on the bike.  And four things you can do off the bike to help fight lung cancer.


For those who are Born to be Wild and wanna get on a bike!

  1. We will do a long ride (about 2,500 miles over 5 weeks) and many people will ride, doing as a relay.  Starts in Philly and goes to NJ, NY, Boston, Columbus, etc.. and we plan to end in DC.  People will ride their bike or drive the van for 3, 4, 5 days.
  2. Anyone can create their own “local / mini RHBE” so if a person wants to ride 250 miles over a weekend in CA (or anywhere in the world), go ahead and do it.
  3. We will have a virtual ride in November (Lung Cancer Awareness Month), and anyone can ride a bike (outside, stationery, spinning).  Our goal is to do a “Virtual ride across the country” (3600 miles) by adding up everyone’s miles.
  4. Join RHBE when we do the ACS bike ride (June 10) and the Philadelphia Flyers Charity Classic (July 15)

2017 SAGgersNot interested in biking and you do want to help?

Great! Many Hands Make Light Work, and you can do your part.  Here are four things you can do:

  1. Be on a RHBE Committee or help RHBE on social media (Facebook and Twitter)
  2. Participate in the LCA and BJALCF 5Ks – exact dates will go on the RHBE site.
  3. Contact Congress, and let them know lung cancer needs help and get their commitment.  AS we plan our ride, we will share templates from Lung Cancer Alliance of who to contact and how.
  4. Attend the Annual LCA Conference – Date TBD

So, what’s next?

I will host a call in early March where the RHBE Team will lay out our goals, discuss our plans for 2018 and answer any questions.  If you want to help, contact me at john@rhbe.org and we will find a way that you can be a part.

And if you aren’t sure yet, no sweat.  Join the call in March and decide then.  The information about the call will be in the next blog and on Facebook.

And one final thought..

Last year, we began this journey with a few people helping and creating some vague ideas on what to do.  Not sure which direction to go, no route, no bike.

And we finished by raising over $93,000.  In addition, we were on television three times, in the media a dozen more times, paid daily tributes 52 times and brought together over 1,000 people who donated, helped and followed us.  Those daily tributes touched so many of you, and they inspired me each and every day to give what I can in memory of my Amazing Mom.


So I invite all 1,000+ of you to again be a part of Ride Hard Breathe Easy.  Ride, drive, donate, share, spin, help, whatever.  Lung cancer patients and their families need us, and I am so excited to see what we will accomplish again this year, as we continue to chase down a cure for lung cancer.


How Ride Hard Breathe Easy Will Help All Lung Cancer Patients

seven ridersA little four months ago, Ride Hard Breathe Easy left Newtown Square, PA to go west; very west, to The Golden Gate Bridge to raise money and awareness for lung cancer.  From all the comments and hearts touched over the next 52 days, I know we made a difference for lung cancer patients.  We met many people across this great country, had loads of fun every day and, through your generosity, raised over $93,000.

Money raised will go to two outstanding programs!

And now, I am very proud to tell you that the money donated will support two programs very dear to our family that are led by the Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation (BJALCF) and Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA).

  1. Working at SAP, I see every day how technology and data drives innovation.  BJALCF is taking a similar approach to improve the early detection of lung cancer.  When diagnosed early, lung cancer is curable through surgery and radiation.  However, current screening technology remains a barrier as 96% of low dose CT screens result in false positives.  To address this problem, BJALCF created The Concept to Clinic Challenge by bringing together a global team of software developers to build a technology that will increase both the sensitivity and specificity of low does CT screens.  This improvement will increase the ability to find lung cancer earlier and ensure those findings are accurate.
  2. LCA established the Congressional Lung Cancer Caucus to collaborate with cancer leaders, advocates and policymakers in educating on early detection, current lung cancer treatments and research advancements. In 2018, LCA will continue to advocate for treatment reimbursements and payment structures for lung cancer screening and access to care, so that our community’s needs of expediting new treatment approvals and improving access to high quality and affordable healthcare is met.

Ride Hard Breathe Easy will Ride Again in 2018!

RHBE 2018 SC
The 2018 RHBE Steering Committee

As we look forward to 2018, we have set a goal to raise another $100,000, and The Steering Committee is already hard at work.  Our next call is in two weeks, and we are currently close to deciding our approach in 2018.  We will have a few options on the bike for anyone to participate, and we will have ways for people to help all lung cancer patients in ways that do not include a bike.  Many Hands Make Light Work, and anyone can be part of our efforts to help everyone affected by lung cancer.

You too can help!

Please look for a survey in January, give us your feedback and let us know if you want to be part of the team that is committed to change how the world deals with lung cancer.

We hope you are enjoying this holiday season!

The Ride Hard Breathe Easy Team