There’s no I in TEAM

By: Terri Ann DiJulio, two-time lung cancer survivor and rider for RHBE

There’s no I in TEAM

Well the new team arrived yesterday and took reins from Lisa, Ann, Diana and Jeanine..Great job ladies!!

We starting riding today and the day was not without its challenges. First David and Leah flew in last night from California. Jean, Kevin and Terri Ann drove in from Philadelphia. David brought his bike with him and when he put it together upon arrival, he found there was an issue with his seat clamp. So Leah and I starting the ride while David and our Super Star SAG drivers Jean and Kevin went to look for the part needed for David’s bike.

10 miles in, my back tire blows… Leah to the rescue changing my tire for me. And with the help of strangers offering a power pump, I was back in business in no time. Gotta love the kindness of strangers, right?!?

David finds the part he needs and joins us at mile 30. Then after a lunch stop and at mile 44, Leah’s front tire goes flat. Does that stop us? NO! I continue on and David and Leah were to catch up with me… just a mile down the road we see signs for “Grooved Pavement” and that grooved pavement lasted for 11 miles!!!! Truly the hardest part of our day!

Did we let that stop us? NO! We finished the day at 80 miles and rode from Buffalo, NY to Erie, PA. Chasing down lung cancer one mile at a time!

On a personal note:

Today was an emotional day for me. If you are following our ride, you know that today was my tribute day and as a two-time lung cancer survivor it was important to me to show Lung cancer who is boss; I wanted to complete all 80 miles personally.

Our team knew my goal and every single one of them helped me reach that goal. Leah and David set the pace and carried the day so I could draft at a comfortable pace. Jean and Kevin were there not only when I needed water but they were also there with a hug when I hit the wall at mile 56 and needed a good cry. I can’t thank them enough for their kindness, effort and teamwork!

Boy does our team ROCK!! What a day!

Finding a bike shop
11 miles? Seriously!
The kindness of strangers
The Amazing Team!
Leah to the rescue!
We made it!!!

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  1. Great blog Terri Ann! I’m so happy and had no doubt that the team would make the 80 miles. Thank you for sharing your story and for being a part of Ride Hard, Breathe Easy! I hope you and the team have a wonderful ride today!!
    Take care,

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