Saturday Super Soaker

By Janis Fratamico (great writing) and Julie Scanlon (some proofreading)

Come and Knock on my Door

The 3’s Company crowd had a great day yesterday, with John, Julie and Janis all riding in dry weather and decent conditions to get to Columbus for John’s perp walk…er..police escort into Columbus along with an interview on the local NBC station. Not so much today…

Sometimes weather forecasters are perfectly accurate

With a 100% chance of rain (continuing to Monday), we were joined by SAPer and expert rider, Andy Hancock.  Andy showed up with more gear than the British Armed Forces and suited up to ride in the wet and the wind with Johnny/Jack/John. Janis and Julie worked super hard driving 10 mile increments having to not only push brake and gas pedals but also work windshield wipers.  Exhausting but we powered through!!!  All for a worthy cause.

Made some great progress

Even with a flat tire at the mid-point, the guys crushed 70 miles, ending their day with wrinkled fingers, drenched clothing and the shivers.  Julie and I pulled out the last 10 miles so as not to look lame and have some pictures of us in the blog.  Mission Accomplished.

Tomorrow is destined to be another soaker but John and Andy are up to the task. Julie and I will SAG along until it’s time for us to head back to NY for work on Monday.

What a Pleasure!

It’s truly been a privilege for us to be a part of this ride, hang out with each other and John and celebrate John’s mom’s life in such a special way.  We’ll be back next year – but we are definitely checking long-term weather forecasts first!!

Final note by John…There are pictures from Friday and Saturday below..

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