SAGgers…with some swagger

By: Jean Gallagher, SUPER SAGger

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a SAG-er (SAG = Support And Gear) with Swagger? It’s kind of like being a butler at an all inclusive tropical resort. Except you are not in paradise, and there are a LOT less requests for alcoholic beverages (at least by the cyclists).

We started our day at 7:30, meeting in front of the hotel to pack “Prison Van” (yes, our vehicle was given an “affectionate” name this week) with luggage and anything else the cyclists didn’t want to tote along on their 80 mile trek today. We coerced Kevin into doing the Facebook live event, choosing a gorgeous lake view as the backdrop. Choosing a meeting location 20 miles out, the riders, Leah, Terri Ann, and David, were off! Breakfast, coffee and checkout later, we were on the way to the meeting point.

A Much Better Riding Day

The riders had a better day today, with no extreme stretches of bad roads, and no blowouts! Woohoo! The meet ups consist of water replenishment, protein snacks, and anything else the riders might need to get on the road. We took lunch orders and sent them in their way. (This job is also like being a team mom!)

Another state..Ohio!

Into Ohio for a grocery store run for water, Gatorade and protein bars, and finding a local deli for sandwiches (Philly area delis and Amorosos, we miss you!!!) took up ALL the time and we rushed to get the lunch to the riders. Once they were off Kevin and I headed to Township Park in Geneva-On-the-Lake to have our lunch with spectacular views of Lake Erie.

Spreading the word..

We also managed a visit to Sunset Harbor Bar and Grille while waiting to meet up at the end of the ride. At each stop we spread the word about the ride and it’s purpose and try to get people to visit the website to learn, donate or join the effort in November.

To the Beach!

The day wound up at one last beach, Headlands Beach in Mentor, OH. Another beautiful spot and Leah and Terri Ann cooled off with a jump in Lake Erie!

Looking forward to some dinner and another fantastic day tomorrow!

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