Roads Flooded, Trees Down, Ride Hard

It has been quite the rain

For the last three days, Andy Hancock and I have been pelted with rain.  We have literally had three straight days of rain.  People look at us as if we’re goofy as we head out each morning to ride for lung cancer patients and their families.  And to put it into perspective, we had six hours of light rain all of last year during 52 days of riding.

Thank you Julie and Janis!

On Saturday and part of Sunday, Andy and I were joined by Julie Scanlon and Janis Fratamico.  They rode some miles on Saturday, SAGged on Sunday and then made the 8-hour ride back on Sunday to NY (BTW, Eagles are 1-0 and Giants aren’t).

The funny thing about this ride is that the rain is not bothering us.  We are here for a purpose and we have gone about 260 miles from Columbus since Saturday morning.  Today, the rain wasn’t as bad, but there was considerable flooding along the route.  Trees were down, streets were closed, trails were filled with debris.  And we never even considered stopping.

We did go to a bike shop, Tandem Connection, for a few minor adjustments and we were warmly welcomed by Lori and Dave Poe.  Thanks for your hospitality and the warm drinks.  Tom McKeon and I stopped there last year and they were just as kind, fixing my tire that gave me a couple of quick flats.

Many people to think about, especially Mom

I thought of Natalie, who we rode for today.  And Marian, Karen and Linda.  I thought of Francis and Deena and John, who I have met over the past two years as we fight lung cancer.  I thought of Evy, whose husband died of lung cancer, and she herself was diagnosed with this disease earlier this year.  And I thought of many other people we have ridden for including Stephen, Gail Ann, Lori, Jeffrey, and of course, I thought of Mom.

I vividly remember how hard Mom fought while she was sick, and how much she just wanted to live, for Dad, her kids and her grandchildren.  Her courage through the toughest of times lives in all of us today, and she continues to inspire me every day, especially when we ride this ride.

At the end of the day, Andy and I met two cyclists who didn’t ride at all today.  It was too messy (they were correct) and they would wait until the weather and roads got better.  They took the time to relax.

The Road for Lung Cancer is Tough

Well, the road for lung cancer patients is often messy, and it is always filled with challenges.  We were determined to do our miles, get closer to Washington, DC and make sure we finish on Friday.  I am not sure what the weather will be like on Friday, but I do know we will be there, wrapping a bow on Ride Hard Breathe Easy 2018.

There is still time to donate

So, if you have not donated yet, please consider doing so HERE.  The money raised goes to Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and Lung Cancer Alliance.  They are the best of the best and fight for lung cancer patients and their families every day.

Four more days of riding, and here’s hoping that a little sunshine is heading our way!

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