Ride Hard Breathe Easy Goes International!

Thank you for the warm welcome, Oh Canada!

Today, the Fearsome Foursome of Ann, Lisa, Dina and Jeanine took Ride Hard Breathe Easy into, and out of, Canada.  Well done ladies!

Yesterday, as they were riding, they also took care of a not so minor van problem, one where the brakes were in bad need of repair.  They rode over 100 miles, got the van fixed and went out for a nice dinner.  Only to get up early, go international and finish in Buffalo to do an official turnover to Kevin, Jean and Terri Ann.

Welcome to the new RHBEers

The new group also picked up David and Leah and made their way to Niagra Falls.  See the RHBE Challenge Coin with some water in the background!

Leah, Terri Ann, Jean, Kevin and David will now continue the journey for the next four days.  Enjoy the ride into Ohio and we will see you in Ohio!

Ride Hard Breathe Easy Day 11 is in the books!

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