Rain Rain Went Away!

What a difference a day makes.

We started this morning without wearing booties, ponchos or waterproof clothing.  Felt liberating and weird since we spent the last three days surrounded by rain.

Connelsville to Cumberland

We started our trek in Connelsville, and we were on a bike trail all day.  Now, there was more than a little debris and we stopped a dozen times to climb over the fallen tree limbs.  But it sure beats wading through two feet of water.

We made our way east into MD and finished the day in Cumberland, MD.  And for those keeping score at home, we finished our third day in Cumberland last year so it was interesting to see some of the course in reverse.

Back to School

Tonight, we will soon welcome two of my college buddies, Gus and Pete as they will help us get to DC on Friday by 11:00.  Be sure to watch the finish on Facebook Live.

Three days and 200 miles to go!

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