Holy (S)Heat!

By: Leah Fine, works for BJALCF, RHBE rider and lung cancer advocate

Lots of Adventure

Another day of adventure on Day 14 RHBE with lots of smiles, laughter and shouts of LAKE! SHADE! to keep us going.

Our route took us across northern Ohio along Lake Erie through Cleveland.  Cleveland’s beautiful parks provided us much needed shade and respite from the oppressive heat – Strava said it was 97 degrees!  We even heard that they closed the local schools and pools!


SAGgers with Swagger

“SAGgers with Swagger” Kevin & Jean deliver the highest level of service driving “Prison Van” full of drinks, food, sunscreen, chilled towels and of course keeping us safe. (Trust me, I’m spoiled and I don’t know how I’ll return to cycling without these two!)

And then the “fun” began

After nearly 60 miles of heat and LAKE! it was time to turn south towards Oberlin.   This is where it got fun.  Well, sort of.  David was on the ground unable to move and partially lucid. Terri Ann wisely called 911 and gave the details indicating heat/exhaustion/dehydration for a “male in his 50’s.”  We knew David was not in such bad shape when we heard shouts of “I’m 47!” from the ground.

So from Lorain, Ohio, Leah and Terri Ann headed south on our bikes, David rode off in an ambulance and Prison Van followed David.  Two IV bags later and David was good as new but banned from the Thursday ride.

Ride Hard Breathe Easy is, whew, in the books!

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