Day 21 is done, thankfully

A tough start

This morning, Gus, Andy, Pete and I took off from Cumberland, MD.  30% chance of rain…ish.  Well, 30% became 100% at 8AM.  So, we went back indoors for 30 minutes and then away Pete and I went.  For 200 feet.  The boards leading to the trail were a tad wet (duh) and my front wheel brought me, and then Pete, down.  No harm no foul and we got up and rode.  Through mud.  And water.  Yuck.

We did 10 miles and then Andy and I took off.  Roads were messy, so we created our own route, and this route had HILLS.  Brought me back to Missouri from last year where we had high ups and then big drops.

Uh Oh…Here come Duh Big Guns

Another 40+ miles later it was time to bring on the BIG Guns.  Pete and Gus were off and they pounded through 10 miles of very flat riding.  Well done, gents.  Well done.

Andy and I finished up and not before two we each had a flat and my chain took a beating.  Oh, and Andy ended up swallowing a few bugs.  Mosquitoes were everywhere.  Enough to make you puke.  Or at least Andy.  First time anyone has puked DURING Ride Hard Breathe Easy.

And then, riding through slop with many branches, a branch got stuck in my back wheel, de-railing my derailleur.  Bike was down, walked it to our finishing point.  But I did have a butterfly land on me during these troubles.  Mom, I know that was you and that it made me smile.

Time to get ready to finish

We knew then it was time to go to the hotel and begin planning for tomorrow.  And have a few wings, and maybe a beer.

Two days left and about 100 miles to go.  We finish the ride at 11:00AM on Friday at Lung Cancer Alliance in DC.  Andy, Gus, Pete and I hope to see you there!

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  1. Wow….I’m sure you are all glad this day is over. A few comments:
    There is now proof that Pete and Gus can ride a bike:)
    There is a town named after Andy!!
    There is no way that having a beer is a maybe:)
    Well-deserved boys. Great job despite very tough conditions. You are truly showing grit!
    Better and drier travels today!

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