A Peek Back, and a Look to November and the Ride Hard Breathe Easy Challenge

A Peek Back

We finished Ride Hard Breathe Easy 2018 a little over two weeks ago, after starting from The Prep in Philadelphia and finishing in Washington DC.  In between we had 30 riders and drivers join us for the 1,885-mile trek over 23 days.  We went through New Hope, The Bronx, Boston, Canada (we went international!), Buffalo, Cleveland, a “flooded-out” McKeesport and Cumberland, MD to name a few cities. 

We also had our first lung cancer survivor, Terri Ann, ride for four of the days and she described the experience as amazing and how she has four new lifelong friends.  For me, it was hard to turn the wheels over near the end of Day Five, but my sister told me that they would be fiiiiine without me and on the train, plane and automobile I went to get home.

Over the past two years, we have traveled over 5,400 miles, and we will start planning before you know it for next year’s ride.  But before we do that, we have some work to do in November with The Ride Hard Breathe Easy Challenge.

What is The Ride Hard Breathe Easy Challenge and what can you do?

The Ride Hard Breathe Easy Challenge is a challenge for us to ride 24,901 miles (enough to ride around the world) during the month of November.  My ask is that you sign up on Strava, ride some miles and be part of OVER 500 CYCLISTS to help us make the goal.  You can ride outdoors, spin, ride on an exercise bike and make your miles count. We have participants from Peru, Argentina, Brazil, China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, The United States, Canada, Germany, France, Ireland, England, Portugal and Norway already involved.

Two final things

We will dedicate each day in November to a person impacted by lung cancer, and you can include someone in our daily tributes by contacting us at tribute@rhbe.org.

And finally, donations are being accepted on our Donation Site.  Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer and your tax-deductible contributions help us to raise awareness and to support cutting-edge research that is so sorely needed.

We look forward to seeing you on a bike, any bike, in November so, together, we take on The Ride Hard Breathe Easy Challenge!


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