Teamwork Makes the Dream work.

By: Karen Owens, Rider, SAGger and an amazing sister

Today was all about teamwork.

Pat, Michael, Jack and I hit the road a little after 8:00 knowing today was going to be a hot one with a lot of climbing. Our goal was 60 miles and we surpassed it (63 miles, yay us!!). It was ladies first with me starting out, logging about 10 miles.

Let’s be honest

I’ll be honest with you … my legs were spent with those hills. Pat and Mike got on the road next and biked another 10. Then it was Mike & Jack for another 10 (are you sensing a pattern?). Pat and Mike then tackled a tough 14 miles with lots of incline.

I got back on the road for 11 miles, first with Jack, then with Mike. Pat and Mike then got us to our goal with the final miles being the hardest of the day, a steady climb for 4 straight miles. I topped it off with a few miles at the end to get us to a better spot for tomorrow’s team to take over. Jack, my husband Paul and our good friend Mike Muller will continue the ride beginning at Friendly Fred’s. My advice to them … don’t muck it up 😉.

I am a Lucky Girl.

Today was great. One after another we all chipped in and worked together towards our goal. It wasn’t easy, but it certainly was fun, memorable and rewarding. It made me really appreciate the people in my life. The family and friends that support me and are by my side for the ups and downs of life (literally). I am honored to be part of this incredible journey with Ride Hard Breathe Easy. And I am grateful for the wonderful people in my life. I’m a lucky girl. 🍀

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