Go Time is Tomorrow!

It’s almost go time.

Yup, tomorrow we are at it again and we are ready to ride!

Leaving from SAP for the inaugural Ride Hard Breathe Easy

It’s hard to believe, but it was almost one year ago that we made our way out of SAP’s Newtown Square campus at the start of an epic 52-day journey across America.  We rode 3,533 miles, met hundreds of people and laughed and (I) cried every day.  The results were fantastic, and we decided to give it another go this year. And after nine months of planning and countless conference calls, it’s finally GO TIME!

Again, Many Hands Make Light Work

Like last year’s ride, this ride does not happen without the many people who dedicated their time to be a part of Ride Hard Breathe Easy.  And I am especially grateful for the support and help I have received from dozens of colleagues at SAP.  I work for the best company in the world, one whose purpose is to “Make the world a better place and improve people’s lives”!

There will be a new SAP site to track our progress which you can access on Thursday at https://www.ride4lungs.com.  We also have an SAP partner, Telit, providing equipment to track our progress and make the ride safer.

Mom with Bonnie at The Philadelphia 5K in 2011

In addition, we have the unwavering support from The Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and Lung Cancer Alliance again this year.  And we are happy to welcome The Lung Cancer Awareness Month Coalition and The International Firefighters, Local 22 from Philadelphia into the fold.

The Lung Cancer Awareness Month Coalition help to raise awareness, change perceptions, dispel stigma and amplify the voices of lung cancer patients, advocates, caregivers and health care professionals.  Through this ride and the ride in November, we will have the legs and support of 30+ other organizations  in their coalition across the world who fight lung cancer every day.  Kristin and team, thank you for being a part of what we do and helping us to grow!

There are also so many other people to thank like Bob Burke, Jen Campbell, Mike Muller, Bill Avington, Kevin Ryan, and the list goes on.  And I am so grateful to The Prep for hosting our start.  Mom and Dad LOVED this school and they were very proud that their five sons graduated from this great school.

In addition, The International Firefighters, Local 22 will be there because paramedics and firefighters are approximately 25% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer, and we decided to donate a portion of our proceeds this year to go directly to helping them with better screening.  I am excited to hear from Ed Marks, President of Local 22, at our celebration tomorrow before leaving.

Mom, most importantly, tomorrow, we ride for you.  You still make me smile every day, thinking of your many sayings, and remembering how you loved all of us uniquely and deeply.

Team, it’s Go Time!  Thank you, and let’s do some riding!!

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