Go Prep! And Go John and Ride Hard Breathe Easy!

By Rev. Chuck Frederico, SJ, Senior Director of Mission and Ministry, St. Joseph’s Prep

Rev. Chuck Frederico

As a Jesuit, I repeatedly encounter many wonderful people and the gifts with which they serve the People of God. Ignatian-rooted men and women so often take seriously that mandate to go forth and change the world. We are called to witness as the hands and feet of God in all we do, to bring his love and mercy to all who need it.

The Gesu Church at The Prep

What John Matthews, a proud graduate of St. Joseph’s Prep, and his family have done to raise awareness and much needed money for lung cancer research is truly remarkable. So many see something and wish for it to be different but so few actually take that next step and do something to make the change happen. This endeavor is that step; this endeavor embodies what we mean as “the hands and feet of Christ” in our world, working to change the reality of those suffering from this horrible disease and accompanying those who love them.

I truly believe that moments like this are graced. When life seems dark, God provides a sliver of light. When the darkness of lung cancer hits, that sliver might be the hope that people like John offer. Not only is John riding to raise money, but he is honoring the men and women who have suffered, most especially his mother Kathleen. What an incredible gift to the world and to her legacy!

Preppers finishing in San Fran

John, institutionally and personally, I say thank you. Your alma mater is incredibly proud of the work you are doing and the great act of service you are providing. Thank you for embodying Christ — on that bike, in those planning sessions, and in witnessing to those groups.

Thank you for sharing that sliver of hope for the suffering. Thank you for using your gifts to change the world. May God bless you and be with you.

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