Day 4 – the end for SAG Team 1!

By Beth Solomon and Karen Pitassi, SAG Team 1

Beautiful..and then a little flat

The day started with us finding a beautiful trail and lake. And just as we were going to enjoy, John gets a flat as in flat tire. Luckily we were 5 minutes away, but no fun for us. 30 minutes later, bike and John were good as new.

Once back on the road, we were able to enjoy driving through a forest in Massachusetts. And of course we scored the best lunches including today in Grafton, MA at the Bushel-N-Peck Deli where everything was Wicked good.

Of course, John decides to ride 6 more miles. The good news was instead of meeting Karen, Pat, Michael, and Jack at a cemetery, we met at Fino Field with lots of parking allowing for an easy transition and hand-off. We hope the next team has as much fun as we did and r-r-r-rides hard and bre-e-e-a-a-ath easy.

Beth and Karen

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