A Great Ride into and out of Boston!

By: Pat McElroy, part SAGger / part rider…and a goooooood guy

A beautiful late New England summer day began with Jack and Karen finishing off Route 6 of RHBE 2018.  The ride began 15 miles outside of Boston and ended in the heart of Boston. Along the route there were beautiful, natural landscapes as well as a quick stop at Fenway Park for everyone.

Got some Young Guns Riding!

Jack and Karen finished up along the Charles River Greenway, where we did a quick rider change and the young guns (Jack Owens and Michael Matthews) joined Jack for an 11 mile tour along the river.  Upon exiting the safe zone of the Charles River Greenway, the boys hopped back into the safety of the van, and Jack was joined by Pat for a few flat miles on the road.
Now it was time for some hills.  Jack continued on the road after a quick bite and pounded out 30 tough miles before he had to head to the airport to return to Philly.  Karen took over on the bike and the rest of us drove Jack to Worcester Train station so he could navigate his way to the airport.

Way to go Kar-Babe!

Karen crushed out 13 miles before we finally caught up to her!  Now it was time to close out the day with an enjoyable, mostly flat ride through New England.  Michael and Pat jumped on their bikes looking forward to ending this part of the ride after having been driving.

These map things on the bike can be quirky

Jack told me yesterday that sometime the routes that are mapped out aren’t really appropriate for road bikes.  Michael and I found this out first hand.  The route took use off-road at times.  Needless to say, we fought through rocks, sand, gravel and grass, re-routed ourselves onto a long, steep hill, and ultimately made to our meet up point Dunroamin Country Club.
Ride Hard Breathe Easy, Day 5, is in the books!

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