WHAT. A. Day!

Going to The Hill!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going to Capitol Hill with 150+ lung cancer advocates, looking for improvements to lung cancer funding and research. The commitment and passion of each advocate runs deep, and the stories are very personal and were met with empathy and love.

Whether it was the woman whose husband died of lung cancer at the age of 30, four months after their wedding. Or the marathon runner who has run 19 marathons since her diagnosis. Or the formal NFL football player whose wife died at 37 of lung cancer. Or the teacher from Tennessee who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and is advocating and raising money for lung cancer every day. Or whether it is about Beth and me, whose Moms were each diagnosed with lung cancer.

This group of incredible people will continue to fight and advocate for better research and funding for the number one cancer killer in the world. And yesterday, we walked the Halls of Congress all day to get more support from our government.

We did Pennsylvania Proud!

John Nissim, Beth and I represented the great state of Pennsylvania. We were warmly greeted by the legislative aides from the offices of Representative Bob Brady, Representative Mike Doyle, Representative Dwight Evans, Representative Brendan Boyle, Senator Pat Toomey and Senator Bob Casey.

They each will do what they can to support our two main asks:

1 – Co-sponsor the “Women and Lung Cancer Research and Preventive Services Act of 2018”

2 – Approve $20M in FY19 Defense Appropriation for Lung Cancer Research

In addition, I am happy to say that the Ride Hard Breathe Easy Challenge was met with great enthusiasm and many advocates (and their families) will ride in November while we “Ride Around the World”. We also received the same enthusiasm during each of our meetings in Congress!  Everyone loved our new video!

In the evening, Dana Quinn and I each received Lung Cancer Alliance’s 2018 Volunteer and Leadership and Advocacy Award. Dana dedicates an extraordinary amount of time and effort advocating for all lung cancer patients, and was an integral part in planning the 10th Annual National Advocacy Summit.

Many Hands Make Light Work

My recognition was because of the work that the 100+ people did last year and are doing this year with Ride Hard Breathe Easy. I humbly accepted this award on behalf of all of us, once again proving what Mom said so often. “Many Hands Make Light Work.”

So, as we continue forward with our work, I think of two things

First, anyone with lungs can get lung cancer.

Secondly, anyone can get on any bike and ride any distance…and be an important part of the Ride Hard Breathe Easy Challenge

And as always, please consider donating to our cause at www.rhbe.org

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