My Grandmom was awesome!…and I miss her


By Colette Owens, youngest blogger EVER for Ride Hard Breathe Easy!

My Grandmom was the best

My Grandmom died from lung cancer when I was only five years old, and I don’t remember very much about her. One of the things that I do remember about her is how loving and caring she was, and how she always brought my siblings and me strawberries when she came over. I believe that I am very lucky to have such amazing uncles and aunts that are so supportive and always there to make things better.  My Grandmom used to say, “Many hands make light work.” On Saturday, some of my friends and family came together to participate in Ride Hard Breathe Easy’s first ever team bike ride.

My Uncle has two names!!

My Uncle Jack, (you may know him as John), invited anybody who wanted to come to help spread Ride Hard Breathe Easy’s mission. You could help even if you weren’t riding a bike. My Aunt Beth and my sister, Bridget, handed out fliers and told many people about Ride Hard Breathe Easy, while several other people just simply rode as far as they wanted to on their bike. You could ride 2 miles, or 20 miles depending on how far you wanted to go.

Many Hands, Indeed, DO Make Light Work

There was plenty of food and water to go around, and any person was welcome to join Ride Hard Breathe Easy. Everybody there wanted to help whether it was by riding a bike, or handing out fliers. There was no right or wrong way to help spread the mission. Everybody worked together, and supported each other as we came together last Saturday. At the end of the day, I could really see how Many Hands Make Light Work!  

Will you join us?

You can donate or learn more on the Ride Hard Breathe Easy website.  And you too can be a part of Ride Hard Breathe Easy by signing up on Strava and riding with us in November!

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  1. Hi Colette,
    What a great blog:) Loved it! Thank you for writing it for Uncle John/Jack. Hey he does have a third name, right? Uncle Jacky Wacky!! HA HA!!!

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