Getting Ready for Ride Hard Breathe Easy 2018! Will you join us in November?

ACS Bike-a-Thon 2018

ACS 2018 start
Getting ready to let Michael win

Yesterday morning, my brother, Patrick, his son, Michael, and I joined thousands of riders in the annual American Cancer Society Bike-a-Thon.  The ride goes from The Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia to Atlantic City and covers 66.5 (ish) miles.

ACS Bike-a-Thon image
Honest, we are not in last place!

We were up early, and started riding at 6:30AM.  There were several stops along the route, with plenty of animal crackers, oranges, watermelons and water.  Beer would, fortunately or unfortunately, have to wait until we finished!

You could tell that many people were not passionate cyclists, instead they were there, like us, to ride in support, or in memory of, loved ones.  We finished at 12:15 (yes, Michael won again this year) and we enjoyed the timid weather.  It was between 65 and 70 degrees for the entire ride.  Whew.

Ride Hard Breathe Easy 2018 is Gearing Up

The ACS Bike-a-Thon is sort of like the unofficial kick off to Ride Hard Breathe Easy 2018.  We are a little more than two months from “Go Day” at The Prep, starting at 9:00 AM on August 23.  And our thinking is, if we can do 66.5 miles like we did yesterday, we can certainly team up and do 1850+ miles.

2018 Route
If you want to join for a part of the ride, contact me at

So far, we have 30 (ish) people signed up to ride or drive during our 23-day journey which will finish in Washington DC on Friday, September 14.  The route is finalized and the cycling shirts are designed!

Shirt design
Who loves the new jerseys??

And like last year, we will have a tribute every day to honor someone impacted by lung cancer.  If you have a loved one to recognize, contact us at

More to come Before Go Day!

Over the next two months, we will finish the planning, share how the money raised will be spent, look to get on television, and make progress every day.  In these blogs, you will hear about our progress, and we will share much more about the daily tributes.  In addition, you will hear from people riding, people driving and from survivors, as, together, we get ready to fight this terrible disease.

Will you join us in November?

The TeamThe Team has been hard at work over the past six months  and we have made tremendous progress.  So, I ask you for your help.  In November, we will “Ride Around the World”, and you will see in this video what you can do to be a part of our exciting Challenge.  And, it’s very simple.  Setup a profile on Strava, ride some miles and record them in Strava.  Yup, that’s it, and your rides will also be a part of “Riding Around the World” and fighting lung cancer.

Will you join Strava and ride a mile in November with The Ride Hard Breathe Easy Club?  Your miles matter, and we would appreciate your support, as together, we chase down a cure for lung cancer.


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