From One on One to Many on Many

Ride Hard Breathe Easy Year 2!

Ride Hard Breathe Easy began last year, and was about one guy (me) on one bike, riding for his Mom.  Yes, there were over 100 people making the ride happen, but the narrative and all of the stories were about a guy riding his bike a long way.

For this year, and all rides going forward, our approach has shifted to many people on many bikes, fighting for all lung cancer patients.  I am proud to say that today, exactly two months until Go Day of August 23, we have 30+ people riding and driving this year to support our mission to end the suffering and stigma associated with lung cancer in memory of My Amazing Mom.

Cycling Novices

Most of us aren’t exactly accomplished cyclists.  Instead, we have a passionate group of people dedicated to this cause, and together we will ride 1850+ miles, over 23 days across 9 states, and we will finish in Washington DC on September 14.

The route is decided, and you can learn about our plans HERE.  Also, in November, we will “Ride Around the World” during the Ride Hard Breathe Easy Challenge.  So, learn more on how to be involved, join our Strava Club and make your mile(s) count!

More blogs are coming!

You will start seeing more blogs leading into the ride, and the next two blogs will be quite special.  They are from two friends who are lung cancer survivors, Deena Cook and Francis Spruit.  They are incredible people, and fiercely dedicated to the lung cancer cause.  Together, the three of us and 150 others will be in Washington DC next month to have our collective voices heard at Congress.  And while we are there, we will tell anyone with ears that we are challenging them to be part of the Ride Hard Breathe Easy Challenge in November.

Deena, Francis and everyone impacted by lung cancer would appreciate your help in two ways.  First, share what we are doing with your networks, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagrm, whatever.  Yup.  Go do it now.  No worries, I can wait.

And secondly, donate and get others to donate so that The Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and Lung Cancer Alliance have more money to do their great work.

Thanks, Mom and Dad

Dad, every day (and night), we will follow your motto of “Life is to be celebrated”.  We will do it in memory of Mom and in support of all people affected by lung cancer.  We CERTAINLY have the right people to make that happen again this year.

Mom, you inspired us with your strength during your battle with lung cancer.  You taught us about dignity and grace through your incredible will to live.  You refused to give up, you refused to give in and you did so with humor and always with a smile.  We miss you every day, and we are all riding for you.


Yup.  Two months til Go Time.  And who knows, maybe, just maybe, Karen will even do some training for her ride up in Massachusetts!

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