Ride Hard. Breathe Easy. TOGETHER!

We start in 3+Months!

RouteIn a little over three and a half months, we begin Ride Hard Breathe Easy, 2018!  The team has been hard at work since November, and we have created the 2,600-mile route for this year.  Here are some of the highlights, and we look forward to having you involved again this year:

  • We start at The Prep on August 23 at 9:00AM, and you can see the entire route at RHBE 2018
  • The route will go through 11 states (PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, OH, IN, KY, NC and VA)
  • We will finish on September 27 in Washington, DC
  • We will again have a daily tribute to people impacted by lung cancer. You can see our tributes from last year by clicking HERE.

Anyone can be a part!

This year, we will have many more people involved, which is why our slogan is Ride Hard Breathe Easy TOGETHER.  You too can be a part of our campaign to end the suffering and stigma associated with lung cancer by

  • RIDING – either join us for the 2600-mile ride or ride in November, which is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. You will see information at RHBE 2018 V1
  • DRIVING – do you want to be part of the diving team? Contact me at john@rhbe.org
  • CHEERING – Like, Share, Tweet, Follow us on social media
  • DONATING – at rhbe.org
  • HONORING someone with a tribute by contacting us at tribute@rhbe.org

Ireland radio stationKaren, Pat, Dan and I just returned from a wonderful trip to Ireland, and we enjoyed every moment with family.  While we were there, we were interviewed by a local radio station for our ride in 2017.  You can see the radio on the Ride Hard Breathe Easy Facebook page.  And we were invited back to potentially do a future Ride Hard Breathe Easy in Ireland along The Wild Atlantic Way!  Johnny van Oosten, it will be great to ride with you in Ireland one of these years and fight lung cancer!

Many Hands, Many Legs

During the rest of the month, we will continue to make progress, as we will create our social media plan, develop a video, create a new design for our biking shirts, update the donation website, get our list of riders and drivers and much, much more.  “Many Hands Will Make Light Work” again this year, and “Many Legs” will make sure we complete another epic ride (2,600 miles!) and ride “Around the World” in November.

So, thank you to everyone for getting us to where we are today, ready to fight lung cancer with our many hands and legs.  And lung cancer, we are here for the long haul.  And we won’t quit until we raise a total of $1 Million Dollars.

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