“If you want to touch the future, touch a life”

On Thursday night, we held our 2018 Ride Hard Breathe Easy Kickoff call.  We have been planning for three months and we were excited to share our initial plans with a wider group of people.

Lung cancer global stat
#1 cancer killer in the world, by a lot

So why are we riding again this year?

Lung cancer kills more people every year than any other cancer in the world, and it is the number one cancer killer in every state in this country.  It kills more women.  It kills more men.  And the funding is simply not fair.  And for me, it is personal.  Lung cancer took my Mom’s life, I miss her every day and I simply need to do something.

Thankfully, there are many people involved with Ride Hard Breathe Easy, and together, we will continue to make a difference in the fight for all lung cancer patients.

Last year, the focus was on one person, riding one bike across the country.  3500+ miles, 12 state, and over 1,000 people helped, drove, rode, donated or followed what we did.  This year, we are going much bigger, with many more people on many more bikes.

Many LEGS Make Light Work!

Many Legs Make Light Work

Mom had a wonderful saying, that “Many hands make light work”, and that saying helped me in 2017 to start, plan and finish the ride.  In 2018, the focus will be on the many people who will be riding many bikes.  We will do two rides and you will see details by the end of April.  Contact me at john@rhbe.org if you want to join either ride, and here are the basics:

  • We will do a 2500-mile bike ride starting August 23 from The Prep (my high school Alma mater). I was fortunate they awarded me the “Father Schnorr Service Award” and you can see a video by clicking HERE.
    Go Prep!

    Many people will ride many bikes as we go to New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Ireland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia and Washington DC.

  • We will have a “Virtual ride” in November, Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Anyone can get on any bike, anywhere in the world during the month, and together we will ride enough miles (24,901) to “ride around the world”.

Many Hands Still Make Light Work

We have many helpers already, and if you want to join a dedicated group of people fighting lung cancer, you can come join us by

  • Riding, either on the 2,500-mile ride or in November
  • Being active in social media. You can follow this blog, follow or like on Facebook or follow on Twitter @ride4lungs
  • Joining a committee. We have over 30 people involved, committees meet monthly and it is easy for anyone to lend a hand

So What’s Next?

I am glad you asked!  Our focus at this point is to put the basics in place by the end of April, specifically

  1. The 2,500-mile route, including who is riding and driving during the five weeks
  2. A couple infographics to explain more about the rides
  3. The ww.rhbe.org site so it is fully operational by May 1

And a couple final thoughts

Our mission is to end the suffering and stigma of lung cancer, in memory of Kathleen Matthews.  This Ride Hard Breathe Easy Team is committed to touching the lives of people impacted by lung cancer.  The American Cancer Society project that 1 in 17 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer in their lifetime.  1 in 17.  So our work has incredible purpose, and we know we will be helping someone we each know.

We leave from The Prep in 144 days, and you will 144hear more in the coming months.  And we are emboldened by the quote below, knowing we will make a difference in many, many lives.


“If you want to touch the past, touch a rock.  If you want to touch the present, touch a flower.  If you want to touch the future, touch a life”.  Author unknown

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