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Planning for Ride Hard Breathe Easy 2018 has Begun!

The planning for Ride Hard Breathe Easy 2018 officially started this week with our first call with The Steering Committee.  We talked about the mission, ways to grow, and we will have our next call in a little over two weeks.

The Committee is ready and excited to use our 2017 accomplishments as a springboard for even greater success next year, and the three things we will figure out and share with you in January are:

  1. What is our vision / mission / purpose?
  2. What bike ride will we do in 2018?
  3. What are the committees for Ride Hard Breathe Easy 2018?

Opinions and help are welcomed

Later this month, I will send a survey to get your thoughts on what we did this year, suggestions for next year and if/where you want to help.  Mom often said that “Many hands make light work”, and over 100 people made the inaugural Ride Hard Breathe Easy possible.

For 2018, our goals will be big, and we know that anything can be accomplished when we come together for a common cause.  Our purpose is simple.  We want to help people impacted by lung cancer.  Many of you who helped, donated or followed know all too well about the grim statistics for lung cancer.  And the stigma.  And the lack of funding.  And it is why we are doing what we can to make a difference.

If you want to make a difference with lung cancer, you can be a part of our effort to #beatlungcancer.  You will work on something that is deeply personal to many of us, and I promise you will be helping in a way that is meaningful to our mission and to you.

Thank you to the Steering Committee!

And finally, many thanks to Beth, Karen, Chelsea, Johnny, Pat, Brendan, David, Barry and Dave for being a part of the Steering Committee.  Ride Hard breathe Easy 2018 will be very special, and, together, we will lead the way.

RHBE 2018 SC


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