Yosemite National Park was breathtaking!

Today was Day 47 of Ride Hard Breathe Easy and was spectacular!  And hard.

Last night, we stayed in June Lake, about 15 minutes from where we would start today.  When we woke up, I asked my cousin Maggie the temperature.  She said “20” (that’s Farenheit) and i asked her to check again in 15 minutes.  It climbed to 22, and we were feeling quite a warming trend.

The first three miles of the ride were flat and a little downhill, and then I turned into Tioga Pass.  I knew this ride would be my final long and difficult climb and I was mentally and physically ready.  Over the next 15 miles, I climbed over 3500 feet until I got to the top, which is the entrance for Yosemite National Park.

Now, as a Yosemite Sam fan, I must say I was disappointed to not see him OR Foghorn Leghorn during today’s 78 miles.  But I digress.

The views on the way up were stunning, and the scenery afterwards was magical as you will see below.  Fittingly, as I got to the top, the song the came out of the playlist that my family created was “Rocky”.  Being from Philadelphia, this song is a staple to us and it brought a huge smile to my face.

We finished the day by driving to Tracy, CA and went to Rusty’s which is fully decorated for Halloween.  We had some pizza, had a few laughs and we will go to the airport tomorrow.  Peggy and Maggie have completed their tour with Ride Hard Breathe Easy.  Peggy heads home, Maggie goes to see a friend in San Francisco and Bill Redican comes in to help complete this journey.

Tuesday is an off day for riding and I will be back on the bike on Wednesday on my way to Crissy Field on Saturday!!


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