What happens in Tonopah, stays in Tonopah!

By Peggy and Maggie Stohler

By now, you’ve probably realized that we’re the two clowns that Jack has been hanging around with the past two days. All we can say is “Lucky Us”!! We feel so privileged that Jack invited us to participate in this amazing journey. We were a little unsure and frankly terrified of the expectations of driving a massive white van across the desert in Nevada and into California.

Where are we going ? (We already made one wrong turn.)

Would we fall into a ditch? (Yup, did that too.)

Would we actually be able to find anything to eat out here? (Swedish fish & popcorn is a well balanced meal, right?)

Well, so far, so good!  Despite some minor bumps in the road (literally), we have been having a blast. We have met some incredible people, seen some unique sights and have totally enjoyed seeing Jack get so close to the end.

This adventure is unforgettable! We are in a part of the country that is vastly different than anything we have ever seen. Beautiful scenery, wild horses, gorgeous lakes, Tufa Towers (see the picture below), small towns, ghost towns, hot springs, the list goes on and on. Despite the differences, one thing remains the same. Wherever we have gone, people are so kind, encouraging and supportive of Jack and his mission. They cheer, they wave, they applaud and they congratulate. So many people can relate to him in some way or another.

See, Jack has that way of bringing those qualities out in people. He has touched so many lives by taking on this challenge. He is so unassuming and humble, yet he inspires others to get involved and motivated, to get out of their comfort zone (we did) and try and make a difference. He sure has!!

He credits his drive to his wonderful parents. He wants to demonstrate to others that one person can MAKE A DIFFERENCE. His words today sum it up: “FIND WHAT MATTERS, THEN DO WHAT MATTERS.”

Jack, we couldn’t be more proud of you and what you have accomplished. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for sharing this journey with us!

Can’t wait to see you back on the East Coast so we can clown around some more….


Peggy and Maggie


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  1. Peggy and Maggie, what a wonderful experience . Thanks for sharing it with us. I know it is an experience of a lifetime and I know what you are saying about Jack and his w0nderful family.Thanks for venturing out of your safe zone . Most of us would like to join you. Thanks again for sharing.

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