What! A! Day!

Wow.  That’s what immediately comes to mind.  Day 50 was a BIG Day!

Bill and I started from just outside of Stockton, CA and rode about 12 miles to start.  We then went up to the northern  part of Stockton to Manlio Silva Elementary School to see some children in the YMCA program.  Emily asked us to come up, share what we are doing and talk to the kids.  It was so much fun!

We then got back to riding and did another sixty miles.  Those sixty miles mean that we now have about seventy miles left to finish this amazing journey.

And while we were riding, family was arriving.  Pat and Tom joined us at the hotel (hey Jim Mower, it’s a little nicer than some of the places you booked) and Karen and her family arrived in San Fran.  Beth is arriving tonight (delayed flight and she cheered the Eagle with me through email) and Dan and family are coming in tonight.  Johnny, Bob and Kevin will arrive tomorrow so we will have a full group for the finish on Saturday.

And finally, Mom’s Beloved Eagles beat Carolina on National TV, 28-23.  Tom, Pat, Bill, Sean (Lamb, class of ’92 – Go Prep) and I cheered the Birds to an impressive win.

Time for bed now and getting ready for a ride toward the Golden Gate Bridge.  Tom, Pat, Sean, Andy Hancock (from SAP) and I will ride, and we will stop by the SAP office on the way.  Weather looks great and can’t wait to get started!


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  1. E-A-G-L-E-S! Way to go Jack – almost there…enjoy your day with the boys in preparation for your big day tomorrow. What an incredible journey…go get ‘Em and may God Bless you!

  2. I think my pops was with you for part of your ride, he passed 28 years ago and glad today I put my efforts into the Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation in his name :O) Enjoy your ride tomorrow! I sent you an email.

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