We rode 340 miles today, and we are still in Toponah?

So, I must have a crush on Toponah, NV.

On Thursday night, we stayed in this town, and we marveled at The Clown Motel.  And on Friday morning, we had our daily Facebook Live session in the morning from the grounds of this fine motel.  I then when back to where I finished on Thursday (near Alamo, NV) and finished my ride in, yup, Toponah.

We then made our way to Vegas and stayed there on Friday night.  Are you following me?  So Saturday morning (today) we got up and drove 235 miles back to Toponah.  New SAGgers Maggie and Peggy, were excited to be in Toponah so we AGAIN held our Facebook Live in the parking lot of, you got it, The Clown Motel.

I got to tell my joke “Why didn’t the cannibal eat the clown?”  That’s easy.  “Because he thought it would taste funny”!  After a hilarious Facebook Live, I rode my bike 48 miles West (Peggy and Maggie had one turn to make on route 6, and, well, um, they will do better tomorrow) and finished around 5:30 PST.  And with the day complete, we get in the car and drive 57 miles (if you are keeping score at home, that’s 340 miles (235 + 48 + 57) and guess where we stayed?  The Best Western Inn in……drum roll please….Toponah, NV!

The ride today went well.  The first 35 miles had flat and downhill.  During those first miles, there was construction taking place on the road and one lane could get by (East or West).  So there was a backup in the direction I was driving, waiting our turn to move forward.

Since I was on a bike, I was able to continue on.  And I see the big, white RHBE van a little ahead, and as I ride, I hear, “Go Jack”, and “Keep on riding” and ongoing shouts of encouragement.  You see, Peggy and Maggie got out of the car, handed out the RHBE card and told people about the ride.  Their enthusiasm was very sweet, and the “shyness” of Peggy shone through.  Again.

Sunday is a special day in our house as it is the Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer 5K in Philadelphia.  Mom was there for their inaugural event in Philadelphia in 2011, met Bonnie and they instantly connected.  That bond has stayed with our family, and Dad often said how much he admired Tony and Bonnie and how, “They were doing God’s work”.

And Karen will tell you, this 5K is a way that our family and friends remember Our Amazing Mom, as we continue this fight for all lung cancer patients.

So I will ride again tomorrow, another 80 miles or so and into California!  Under 400 miles to go, and we are on target for next Saturday in San Francisco!

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