Reflecting on my time with Jack…..times 2

By: Dan Matthews, part of SAG Team V10 

Some see the state of Utah and see nothing….nothing for a couple hundred miles. Literally nothing….no other form of life, no animals, no birds, no street lights, no gas station, and no other cars.

I’ve seen things on this journey that I never dreamed of seeing…mountain tops around 10,500 feet high, canyons 5,000 feet deep, and bridges over rivers that seemed to be impossible to build.

I also witnessed how inner strength, motivation, and perseverance can enable one to accomplish anything. I’ve seen this while travelling with my brother-in-law Paul Owens….and got to see this in both my brother Jack Matthews, and 12 year-old nephew Jack Owens. All in the state of Utah….in the middle of nowhere.

The Jacks moved forward, always with a smile, and ready to take on the next task. Some days were tougher than others for the Jacks, you could see it in their faces….but they never complained.

Mountains – some people enjoy the view of Mountains….my brother Jack climbs every mountain….no matter how steep the climb – and eventually reaching over 10,500 feet. To put that in perspective, here in Philadelphia our ascent is only 200 feet above sea level.

While Jack Matthews CLIMBS mountains, Jack Owens was our mixologist that provided the energy drinks, and the “got it” support to brother Jack. Jacky-O literally has what it takes to MOVE mountains.

While Jack Matthews “Pedaled Hard”…..Jack Owens supported him by “Exercising Hard”. While brother Jack strained and grimaced as he would ascend over 1,000 feet, Jacky-O was there to greet him with a smile while wearing “the Hat”.

Jack Owens….thanks for taking care of all of us on this journey thru Utah.

Jack Matthews – as you continue this journey – know that you are a ROCK. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this journey.

Jack Owens… help to motivate ROCKS, and can certainly move Boulders. You are the Man

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