Nevada has been interesting so far

I have spent the last two days riding my bicycle in Nevada.  Wow, is this an interesting place.

Like Kansas and Colorado, we can ride for hours and only see a couple dozen cars.  Literally.  There is little life going on here and today we had a good 80 miles without cell service.  What are SAGger Diana and SAGger Jeanine to do?  Well, of course they did some zen broidery (uh?) and they are making some progress.  Dan, Paul and Jack O, surprised you didn’t think of it earlier.

Yesterday, we started in Las Vegas and drove the 160+ miles to Panaca, NV.  I then rode 60 miles and we stayed at a lovely place (Windmill Ridge) and I was given the Honeymoon Suite, all for myself!  Lovely room and I have a nice little getaway for Beth and me in the future.  Psssst.  Don’t tell Beth!  It’s a secret.

Today, we drive past some alien stuff and the area is filled with stuff about Area 51.  Look it up to learn about Area 51 which is a location where UFOs (supposedly) landed and were kept by our government.

On Thursday, I rode another 90 miles, passing the 3,000 mile mark!  We moved through Rachel, NV which has a sign about whether aliens exist here.  The rode is Extra Terrestrial Highway (true story) and Jeanine and Diana also heard 4 loud BOOMs!  I heard 2 of them (they were 2 loud BOOMs) and we wondered whether it was from the aliens!!

After finishing the ride today, we hopped in the BWV (Big White Van) and drove to Tonopah, NV.  It was the only place within 50 miles and we are at a Best Western.  One of the other choices was The Clown Motel, but we had a funny feeling about the place.

Tomorrow is another 60 miles and we then drive to Las Vegas.  New SAGgers, Peggy and Maggie join RHBE, while Diana and Jeanine make there way home to Philadelphia.  So let’s see what Friday brings us.

Less than 500 miles to go, and we are on target to ar

rive Saturday, October 14 in San Francisco!


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