Another 60 miles and we are sooo close!

Today was a very uneventful ride, although we did do a ton of driving.  We stayed in Tonopah (population 2,000) and drove back 50 miles to where we ended yesterday.  Our plan was to ride 60 miles and make our way to Vegas.  And that’s exactly what we did.

The ride was a 3,100+ foot climb (I keep promising myself the next ride is flat) and had some long ups and long downs.  All was going well until mile 43 when that ^*&% wind decided to wake up.  Yup, right in my face so the 18 and 19 MPH turned into 12 and 13.  Again.

No worries, I had a special penny with me which I found in the morning (a “penny from heaven”) and i was determined to finish the 60 miles.

Finish we did, a few miles past Toponah, and then we drove 200+ miles to Vegas.  We had a great Italian dinner (and as Diana said, there was no animal staring at us from the ceiling) and a few laughs.

Thank you Diana and Jeanine for coming west and helping me through this very interesting state.  Extra Terrestrial Highway, Section 151, a rest stop with nothing more than a port o potty, Clown Motel and much, much more.

Tomorrow, SAGgers V12, Maggie and Peggy Stohler, will lead us in Nevada and on Sunday into California.


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