And we roll into Cedar City, Utah!

Day by day, we are getting closer to The Golden Gate Bridge.  And today was a HUGE step forward to getting there on October 14.

We started in Tropic, Utah and got going a little past 8:30. There was a gradual uphill and the first 20 miles went fiiiiine.  And then the (stupid) wind came in.  I knew it was going to be a tough day since there was at least 6,000 feet of climbing and we would get to our highest part of Utah for the ride, a little over 10,500 feet.  But now we had to get a heavy wind?

The summit was about 67 miles in, and we passed through Dixie National Park along the way and saw some stunning site.  We got to the summit around 5:15, so it was a hard, long and slow ride.  But we got there.

We knew it was mostly downhill to Cedar City so we decide to go on.  And a little over 90 minutes later we arrived out our hotel, over 25 miles away.  The joy and thrill of downhill without wind!  The totals for today’s ride was 93 miles and the climb was over 6,900 feet.  WHEW!

And to top things off, it was a great day for football in Philadelphia!  Eagles win, Cowboys lose!  Time for a steak dinner.

Monday will be another 80 miles (or so) and then new SAGgers, Diana and Jeanine arrive.  At this point, we are a little over 700 away from the finish.

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