And Then There Were Two!

Yup.  There are now only two states left to complete the Ride Hard Breathe Easy journey!

Earlier today, we finished Utah (as tough as Colorado) and put our first steps into Nevada.  Wow, hard to believe this ride will be finished next Saturday near the Golden Gate Bridge.  More on where we will finish and the time in a later blog.

Like Colorado, Utah was a beautiful ride with magnificent and stunning scenery.  And while I will miss the views, I won’t miss the hills.  8%, 9%, 10% and more, consistently during each day.

Today, we started from Cedar City, which is the largest city we have seen since Pueblo.  Traffic lights, Taco Bell, shopping malls and everything!  Very different than much of the past three weeks, just ask Barry, Jim, Denny, Tommy and other SAGgers.

The first 20 miles were a steady climb and I was moving at about 12 to 13 MPH.  Then we had a consistent downhill and flat for about 40 miles.  After the past 7 days of climbing, this was a very welcomed change and I was moving at 20 MPH.  And then the “stupid” hills came back and it was 10 MPH for a bit until I got the other side of the hills for the final 8 miles.  Smoothing sailing into Panaca, UT!

Overall, another 80 miles and we now have about 635 miles to finish.  Tuesday will be an off day as we switch SAGgers.  Gone are Jack O, Dan and Paul (named the three stooges by Karen O) and in comes Diana and Jeanine, two friends from the neighborhood.  Hey Stooges, thanks for joining me across Utah.  You win the prize of most SAGging miles!

Diana and Jeanine, you have tough shoes to fill.  Let’s make it interesting and we will see if we can find ourselves an alien or two in Nevada.

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