We know our way to San Francisco!

We had another great day today, traveling 84 miles from just outside of Yosemite Park to south of Stockton, CA.  And more importantly, we have a route to finish the ride, knowing the fires and the smoke are still troubles for everyone in the Napa Valley area.  It is so sad about the loss of life or home or just basic stability.  Our thoughts go out to everyone who has been impacted by this fire.

In the morning, it was quite chilly (about 40 degrees) and we drove from Groveland to Buck Meadows to get the ride started.  You will see the pom pom we left there to “mark our territory” from the end of the ride yesterday.

About 20 miles in, yup, time for Subway!  Another couple sandwiches and I think it is about time I either buy stock in them or try and work there after the ride is done. While there, I received a text from the author of today’s story about Ride Hard Breathe Easy which you can access by clicking Northeast Times.

There were a few hills in the beginning 30 miles, and then the ride was mostly flat.  So we made good time and finished by 5:00.  We will need to do the same tomorrow with The Eagles playing at 5:30 PST!

Tomorrow, lots of family arrives, and I am very happy Tom and Pat will come and meet us and we will get to ride together on Friday.  We will also cheer on Mom;s beloved Eagles while we are in Fremont, CA.

Tomorrow morning, Bill and I go to Manlio Silva Elementary School to talk about our ride with the children from K-8.  It should be a great time!

3 days left until the finish, and I can’t wait!  Fred, I promise.  We will not muck it up!


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