What a welcome in Indy!

Another 77 miles today, and what a reception by The Indianapolis Fire Department.  Many thanks to Rita for pulling it together and to the entire team for welcoming me to their place of work.  We talked a bit about cancer, the challenges that firefighters face as a work hazard and the need to do more with research.  Rita also coordinated an interview on the NBC affiliate which will air in Indy on tonight’s 11:00 news.  Nephew Corey, many thanks for getting this all in place with Rita!

I also got a warm reception from the newest SAGgers, my wife Beth and our friend Karen.  They will be taking me to Saint Louis and we got a nice meal night at Weber Grill.

Overall, the ride went well.  Very windy so it was a little harder than expected.  Power was highest to date and am going to get out earlier tomorrow since it is supposed to be 90 degrees.  Hopefully a start by 8:00 or 8:15.

Early in the day, SAG Fred led us off for the final time.  I will miss Fred with his many pearls of wisdom and great sense of humor.  He insisted on the casket division picture you will see below.  Fred, hope to see you soon.

And I had a few reminders of Mom today.  I found a “penny from heaven” and rode through Dublin (Indiana).  Again, lots of corn.  Lots and lots of corn.

Tomorrow to Terre Haute!



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