Today was a tough one…

Day 17 was a tough one.  Riding through Missouri and up and around the Ozark mountains is, well, tough.  Those mountains are. very. mountainous.  Lots of ups (at 5, 6 and 7 MPH) and lots of downs (at 22, 24 and 26 MPH).

But the tougher part was, well, it’s Day 17 and my mind wasn’t fully there today.  My heart was, my effort was, but, this ride is hard.  It’s 52 days away from my wife, my son, my family and friends.

I have many items with me that people have sent along including medals, pictures, words of encouragement, a note from Father Swope from The Prep (which I read tonight) and a biking shirt to wear.  I turned to them tonight for some additional support and will turn to it again at some point(s) before I finish.

Yesterday was emotional being the first full day with my beautiful sister, Karen, and her daughter, Bridget, and the tribute was for the mother of a dear friend of Karen’s.

Hell every day is emotional, thinking about Mom and Dad and people impacted by lung cancer.  Almost everyone we have talked with along the ride has been kind and supportive…and knows someone who has died of lung cancer.  Not surprising, since lung cancer is the number one killer of all cancers.  In the world.  In every state.  And for women.  And for men.

I did meet a few people this morning, Dan and Dennis, and rode for 15 minutes with them.  It was great to ride with others and I am excited to finish this ride into San Francisco with brothers Pat and Tom in a little over a month.

Tomorrow will be another 50 to 60 miles, Karen and Bridget will go home and Barry will join us.  I have a feeling Barry and I will find some good steak and good red wine as we finish Missouri and start Kansas.

I can’t thank Karen and Bridget enough, for all of their love and how they helped in every way, packaging my snacks, charging the devices, reminding me to put on sunscreen and making sure I am fed, and fed and fed.

Oh.  And tomorrow is the opener for the Eagles.  E A G L E S.  EAGLES!!  I will follow the game and cheer on Mom’s beloved Eagles.

That’s it for today.  Go Birds!


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  1. Keep going, John. I know you can make it all the way to San Francisco. This morning my husband and I are so grateful for the fact that we no longer own a home in the Florida Keys. They are getting slammed by Hurticane Irma. We are worried about our friends and neighbors there.
    I continue to feel terrific and am grateful that I am doing so well over a year and a half after my lung cancer diagnosis.
    Stay strong!!

  2. Jack. Loved this entry of your venture. Knowing my sweet friends Karen and Bridget were there with you just touched my heart a little more than other entries. You are amazing and definitely making your Mom and Dad so proud of you and all your family ❤️
    Keep up and stay strong. There are lots of people praying for you and cheering you on to the end in SF❤️
    Love and Hugs to you
    Lynn Omlor. Karen’s BFF

  3. Yo Brother- stay strong. What you’re doing is amazing. You have so many people supporting you in spirit. Reading your daily posts is inspirational. Besides the E-A-G-L-E-S, you also have the S-O-M-F-E-R-S cheering you on.


  4. Hi John,
    You continue to inspire and amaze me. Thank you for being so honest and strong.
    I also want to send my gratitude to Karen and Brigid for being amazing SAG drivers. I know their love and support made it easier for you to continue along your difficult journey.

  5. Hi John,

    I rode 30 miles yesterday in beautiful Sausalito/Tiburon (suburbs of San Francisco). It had been a while since I rode for a variety of reasons and I struggled a bit on those 6/7% grades. But each time I wanted to cut the ride short, I thought of you and realized, good grief, this is nothing compared to what John is doing every day for the next two months!!

    Please know…your passion and commitment is very inspiring to everyone who hears your story. I admire that you can acknowledge the struggle and then, get back to the job at hand.

    We are rooting for you!!

    An SAP Colleague

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