Take THAT, Rockies!

So I had my first ride in the Rockies today, and I not only survived, I thrived!

65 miles, over 5,000 feet of climbing (a personal world record) and got to over 9,000 feet of elevation.  Woot woot.  So if you are taking score at home, that would be me/John/Jack winning 1-0 against the Rockies.  (Um, note that tomorrow is even more climbing, higher elevation and some winds are projected so don’t be surprised if we have a tie ballgame after the next ride.  Just sayin)

The day started in Denver, returning SAGger V7 (Jim Mower) home and welcoming David LeDuc (SAGger V8) to RHBE.  David and I then drive from Denver to Pueblo (130+ miles) and I started riding around noon.

The first few miles were very good.  Fairly flat and easy to make progress.  And then that mountain came up in front of me and it was time to buckle down, just like I did when I had those 8th grade spelling tests at Saint Martin of Tours.

I had heard from a few people that have ridden across the country that part of the enjoyment of riding the Rockies is that you will be seeing new and beautiful stuff at every turn.  And I was not disappointed.  One stunning sight after another.  And one $%&^# hill after another.

The ride was hard and I needed to stop often, especially when I had to climb 2000 feet in 3 miles.  Slow and steady.  Grind it out.  Get er done.  And enjoy the stunning views.

We finished a little after 6:00, with the final 15 miles mostly down hill.  Tomorrow starts out good, with about 20 miles of flat and downhill.  And then these Rockies will try and take control.  I am expecting more of the same grinding I did today, except I will be going up higher.

No worries.  I will be ready, with my cookies, crackers, jellybeans, Clif Bars, GU gels, Subway sandwiches (they are everywhere) and the knowledge that so many people are cheering me on.

So be ready Rockies. I’m coming after you (ish).



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  1. HOLY COW! YOU ARE A STUD!!! Absolutely beautiful pics, I can only imagine how beautiful the views were in person. Best of luck today climbing that beast! Prayers for your safety!

  2. John – we are so proud of you! We, being the hundreds, thousands, millions (?!) cheering you on! Keep going, keep eating, keep hydrating and keep soaking in the beauty of Colorado and our country!

    See you in California!!!

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