Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true

By: Jim Mower, SAGger V7

Well, that almost did not happen today because we had no cooperation with the weather. The dream was that we could end a bit early to catch the 4th quarter of the Eagles game.

We started out at 7:30 am with 50 degrees and the threat of rain. John barely got one mile in and the skies opened up with a cold, hard rain.  John was forced to stop until the rain let up…and it did. Back at it, and another four miles down the road the skies opened up once again.  Of course, this did not stop Johnny.

Ten minutes later and equipped with some rain gear, he was back on the road. Boy, sometimes being a SAGger makes you feel guilty, especially when the van is 72 and dry.  Finally, the weather cleared up and John overachieved again, reaching the town of Tribune enduring 80 miles of less than perfect weather conditions.  He never complained once and focused on the task at hand!!

Bonus!!! We gained an hour because we are crossed into Mountain time. Let’s have a nice long dinner. Oh, wait, no hotel in Tribune.  Back 20 miles to last town and now we are in central time. We are jet lagged and have not even stepped onto a plane!!

We will be leaving Kansas tomorrow and heading into Colorado. Three key lessons we learned while in this wonderful state of Kansas:

  1. You will not meet nicer people than in Kansas. Everyone, no matter where you are, will always wave to you. Even as your driving down the road. I will tell you that it did take us about an hour to figure out that they really were waving. Originally, we thought it was not such a nice state!!
  2. In a state that has more cattle than people, we did not find one single steakhouse. It makes you wonder…
  3. Chicken Fried Steak is not really a steak.

This is my one and only blog, so I must mention that I am truly inspired by my friend, John. We have been friends for close to 50 years. If you are wondering whether he has always been this inspiring and driven, then the answer would be yes.  Many of us have been somehow touched by cancer, but very few of us would do what he is doing in order to bring a higher focus and awareness to lung cancer.

OzI am proud and honored to be one of his SAGgers. And in keeping with the theme of Kansas and in recognition of what John is doing, I think it is appropriate to end with this:



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  1. What a day. I felt like I was with you. And the Eagles didn’t win either. I thought you may bring them luck since you were all in Kansas. Hopefully tomorrow brings better weather.

  2. The dream will COME true of improved outcomes for all lung cancer patients with courage, determined, caring people like you John and your awesome TEAM! We THANK YOU for your dream!!! Be safe!

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