So what’s another 151 miles anyhow?

I have said all along that Ride Hard Breathe Easy was a 3,400 mile bike ride to raise money and awareness for lung cancer.  Well, there was one part of that little sentence that is INcorrect.  The ride is actually 3,551 miles, not including any wrong turns or detours for pie.

No worries, though.  Today, I passed over the halfway point in Ness City, Kansas.  I am currently at 1,789 miles down and 1,762 to go.  Which means that it’s all downhill from here!

Today was another good ride, this time for 89 miles, and we encountered some interesting weather.  There was a zero percent chance of rain in the forecast, and it promptly rained for the first hour of the ride.  Ah, but I got to see a beautiful rainbow which made it all worth it.

And then the wind kicked in.  Again.  Slowed my pace to about 13 and 14 MPH and I was grinding it for a couple hours.  Alas, after lunch, someone turned the wind around (thank you to whoever did it) and I was chugging along at 18, 19 and 20 MPH.  I like 20 MPH WAY better than 13, just saying.

As I made my way to Ness City, I saw the van parked along the street.  Jim was hungry for a sandwich and a beer and came out all the happier.  We then moved a few miles farther west where we celebrated the halfway point.

Tonight, we are staying in Dighton, KS where there is a population of 1,000 (give or take 151).

We are going another 80 or so miles tomorrow through Kansas tomorrow and we will be in Colorado on Monday.  Golden gate Bridge, here we come!!


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