SAGging it from the female perspective

By: Karen Pitassi and Beth Solomon

Greetings everyone from John’s second all-female SAG team, Sexy Ass Girls or the G rated version Sweet and Gorgeous. 

What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday, it was hot, humid and windy.  Today it was 20 degrees cooler;  however wind gusts were still pretty strong.


That didn’t deter John.  We started the day in Terre Haute, Indiana  home of Indiana State University and the Larry Bird.  John was off bright and early, but Karen and I decided to explore.  Unfortunately, we lost track of time and wound up getting to John 10 minutes late.  Sorry John.  After making sure he was charged, hydrated and fed we were off to meet him in Illinois. 


We stopped in a really cool little town called Casey.  For those that don’t know about Casey, it is known as the  “small town, of big things”.  They have the world’s largest rocking chair, biggest mailbox and largest wind chime.  While we were there, we even ran into an Eagles fan where we, of course, chanted EAGLES!!!!! 


From Casey, it was off to Jewett, a small town of 250.  After a short stop, John continued his ride to Effingham, where things were happening.  Besides a huge Wal-Mart SuperCenter, they also had the Bike and Hike store which came in handy as John ran into some trouble with his “springs”.  Again, it was a female who came to John’s aid fixing his bike quickly.  John was then off to his last stop of the day in St. Elmo.


The night ended with a great dinner at The Firefly Grill.   It’s a delicious farm to table restaurant.  They couldn’t have been any nicer.  The host took a keen interest in John’s journey.  So keen that John got dessert on the house. 


We are proud and honored to be supporting John on his quest to wipe out lung cancer.   No matter where we have been, everyone is inspired and amazed by what he is doing.


Here’s to another safe and successful day of Riding Hard, and Breathing Easy John!

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