Pat conquers The Rockies too!

My brother, Pat, came to Colorado yesterday to ride a few days with me.  He knows I won the first two days, day three was delayed due to rain and it was his turn for The Rockies.

He arrived in the afternoon, joined by his son Tommy (the youngest SAGger ever on RHBE) and his father-in-law Denny.  Pat drove 300 miles to meet us, and then watched Notre Dame and Penn State each win on Saturday.  So he had a full day leading into our ride today.

It was great to ride with Pat who has been instrumental in several areas of the ride.  He has worked hard with The Prep, helped to put structure to the route we are traveling and joined several calls, always offering ideas and encouragement.

We started 20 miles East of Gunnison with beautiful weather and a little bit of wind.  The wind played tricks all day, sometimes in our face (boo), sometime sideways (eh) and sometimes at our back (woo hoo!).

Pat, Denny, Tommy and I loved the scenery and hope you like the pictures below.  Pat and I finished after 78 miles, and we will go another 80 or so tomorrow.  We will be in Utah on Tuesday (REALLY, UTAH?) and the fun will continue.

So thanks, Pat for making us 3-0 against the Rockies.  They have one final chance tomorrow, and I really like our chances, especially since I am keeping score!

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