One of a Kind

One of a kind.  Yup.  One of a Kind.  That describes Jim Mower.

Over the past week, Jim and I have traveled through Kansas and Colorado during this bike ride for lung cancer.

Jim and I have known each other since grade school, hung out together in high school and we now each work for SAP.  And if you don’t know Jim, believe me (or Billy, or Sandy, or Beth or Gerry, or Maryellen, or…well, the list goes on), Jim, is, without a doubt, one of a kind.

When I decided to do this ride, Jim thought I was nuts.  Get in line, Jim.  I have heard it many times and I am going on this ride since fighting lung cancer is so important to me.  Of course, he quickly offered to help, and when we discussed what a SAG driver does he said, “Put me where it is hardest to fill and I will be there for a week”.  So, Jim got this part of the ride.

Being SAGger 7, Jim had some big shoes to fill.  Janet and Missy were awesome, Tom continued being a great SAGger and made the best sandwiches, Fred gave me advice on every ride, Beth and Karen added their very special flair, Bridget and Karen took wonderful care of me, and Barry was a hoot.  It has been a blast for me to spend quality time with each of them.

Over the past week, I laughed so hard and so often, mainly because Jim is just a funny guy.  Self-deprecating, he makes everyone feel at home.  Every hotel we checked into, each restaurant, each, and EVERY bar.  Jim was Jim, and people welcomed us everywhere.  He added his charm, made me laugh so hard with the crying baby mask and we had a few “special” meals together in Kansas.  He even organized the SAG Vehicle (see picture below), and you will also have to ask about his parking skills in Pueblo at The Elks.  I will leave it at that.

I also thought Kansas was good for Jim since we share the same (lack of) attention span.  We had a stretch of road where approximately 320 miles of straight, except for one swerve in Colorado.  Jim got the straight correct.  And, better than me, he recovered from the swerve after only 10 miles down the wrong road.

Jim’s attitude, like all SAGgers has been, “I am here to help and will do anything to move me west”.  Knowing each other since grade school, he knew Mom, and said several times how Mom was so kind to him, always asking for him and his parents while we were growing up.

Jim, thanks for being a great friend and for being so, so selfless.  We had a great time together, created some memories we will repeat for the next 50 years, and we even played Bingo at The Elks in Pueblo.

So here’s to Jim Mower, a “One of a Kind” guy who left his impression on this ride.  Thanks, Jim!

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