And we are now in Utah!

We have conquered Colorado, and put our first steps into Utah.

Today, Pat and I finished off Colorado with another 74 mile ride.  Over the past three days, we rode over 220 miles and climbed over 12,000 feet!  Quite impressive for Pat since he was doing 15 and 20-mile rides to prepare.

Pat is one of the strongest and toughest people I know, and he showed it with his determination over the past three days.  Even the horses were looking at him!

As we were finishing off Colorado we had three new SAGgers making their way from Philadelphia to take over the duties by Denny Kee and Tommy Matthews.  My brother, Dan, Paul Owens and Jack Owens are here and ready to take over SAG duties.

I will miss spending the time with Pat, Tommy and Denny, and I am also excited to share this experience with three more very special people.  So we had a nice meal together, and we are ready for more progress tomorrow!

18 more days until The Golden Gate Bridge!  Ride Hard!  Breathe Easy!


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