Now I know why corn is so inexpensive!

Today, I rode 80 miles from Springfield, OH (The Simpsons?) to Richmond, IN.  Very flat (a little over 1,000 foot climb) and much of the ride on bike routes.  The weather was cold and a little wet but we did fiiiiiiiine.

The SAG driver today was Fred Stephens, one of my all-time favorite colleagues I worked with at SAP.  Fred is retired, fun and always filled with great tidbits.  And each time I take off from the van, Fred just says, “Johnny, don’t mess it up”.  Yup, that’s Fred.

I have one picture tonight (MY BAD) which is Fred and me at the start.  And part of it is because all I saw was corn.  And more corn.  And even more corn.  No wonder corn is so cheap.  They have TONS of it out here!  It felt often like I was riding in a maze, surrounded by corn, and I even rode a couple miles down Orphans Lane.

Tomorrow we go to Indianapolis, and I will have more pictures.  And if you want to see a replay of today’s ride, click HERE

Fred and me.jpg




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