No School, Breathe Easy

By Tommy Matthews, Youngest SAGger EVER in RHBE!

As you can tell by my heading I do not like school and I am thrilled to be away from it for a few days. I am already dreading going back, I haven’t even started any of my homework (don’t tell my mom). Colorado may be one of the most gorgeous places Ive been to! That and Ireland itself. 


I am very happy to have the honor of being the youngest blogger and SAGger so far! When I first imagined being a SAGger, I first thought of me in a big white van with Pop (as you would call him Denny) and his long stories, but I was completely wrong. The views of this state are breathtaking, there’s nothing not to love (besides the phone service is awful). 


I’m very proud of my Uncle Jack that I’m starting to reconsider what the coolest name in the world is. (No I’m not it’s still Tommy Matthews, that’s for you Uncle Tom). I’m also very proud of my Father who had little time to train for the Rockies, and last but not least I’m very proud of my Grandfather, Denny Kee. Who I love so much for being here on this trip with me. He is a crazy driver! (The good crazy). I’m very excited to see my partner in crime Jackie O tomorrow and make our journey to Blanting, Utah. (I believe that’s right). More than excited for the 4 Corners. I’m definitely never going to forget this experience of a lifetime. 


Being asked to write this blog means more that a lot to me. I get to have a huge part in Uncle Jacks journey. And I’ve had over a thousand tips from Bridget Owens on what to do in the “Big White Van” (as Nancy would say), and don’t worry Bridget. I’ve listened to my Wicked. 


Oh and one more thing! I told my mom I wouldn’t eat the cookies. So I didn’t, maybe, okay I ate them all but don’t tell her. 

          -Tommy Matthews 

       (The coolest name in the world)



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