Kindness and magic always help!

So on Tuesday night, I went to bed concerned about our van (it made some funky noises), my bike (I damaged the handlebars when I fell as I was stopping.  Not hurt, just looked silly) and the backup bike had a flat. And to make things more “interesting”, the weather was for rain all day and we had a 50-mile ride to the starting point.

Well, no worries, Day 35 of RHBE turned out just fiiiiiiiiine!

To start, we tested the van and realized that the road had a funky surface, there was no problem with the van and we could continue on.

I then went to Kokopelli’s Bike Shop in Cortez, CO.  I called Ely in advance, explained my predicament and he said, “C’mon in and we’ll help”.  And help they did.  They took care of both bikes, fixed the cleats and didn’t charge for the labor because we are doing a charity ride.  He and the people there could not have been nicer!  Awesome bike store!

So all was good, except, that darn rain was coming down now for 30 minutes before I left Kokopelli’s.  So off we went to where we ended yesterday, over an hour away and about 10 miles inside of Utah.  Jack, Dan, Paul and I talked about all of the important stuff (Eagles, Flyers and Sixers – not much to discuss about the Phillies) and what to do today as their first day as SAGgers.  It rained a bunch, usually pretty hard, for the entire ride.

We arrived at the starting point, and, well, the rain started to slow down so we agreed, let’s get started and get a few miles in.  By the time we got the bike out of the van and I got ready to ride, the rain stopped.  Completely.  Don’t tell ME that Mom and Dad weren’t there.  They spread their magic throughout my life and they aren’t stopping now.

So off I went and, by the end, we completed another 50 miles towards the final destination at The Golden Gate Bridge on October 14.  Mom and Dad are just as determined as the rest of the Ride Hard Breathe Easy Team to make sure we get there on time.

Many thanks to Jack Owens, Paul Owens, and my brother Dan for making today a success.  50 more miles, another 3500+ feet of climbing and we have taken a chunk out of the Utah riding.  Views were OK for the first 43 miles and then I arrived through the rocks (see picture below) and we crossed the 2,500 mile mark for the ride.

At night, we went to dinner at Homestead Steak House and met the owner, Sharon Guymon.  Sharon learned about the ride, thanked us for stopping in and immediately made a donation.  Thank you, Sharon!!

A little more than 1,000 miles left, and with help from all of you, the great wishes and prayers, the incredible SAGgers and from two Amazing Parents, we will finish this ride (at a pepper) on October 14.

Another 80 planned for tomorrow.  Enjoy the pictures below!



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  1. I too believe your parents are very present on your ride Jack. I’m so happy foe you hat you can feel them with you. I miss them both. Keep up the great ride. Patti

  2. I recognize those rocks! Enjoy Utah. You’re doing great! Here’s wishing you tailwinds all the way to SF. I’ll be riding down the Pacific coast, starting Oct. 1. So will give you a shout if I make it to SF by Oct. 14. Good luck!

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