Keep grinding, and finish!

I rode through parts of Kansas today, from Girard to Newton, for a total of 74 miles. The weather was a little warmer so we started at 7:30.  Wind was there again and a little bit of hills.  All in all, a good ride.

Each morning we have had a buffet, except today.  Our reservations did not include the buffet, so Barry was kind enough to get me a “breakfast food” that was the size of a small football, and is still sitting in my stomach now, gurgling.

Barry, Super SAGger, also had some success today.  First, he met some cow friends and took a priceless picture.  I think he said he was a lawyer and they weren’t too pleased.  He also met the Mayor of Eureka and had a nice chat with him.  And lastly, he tweeted to Chris Mortensen about the ride and “Mort” was kind enough to retweet, advising me to “Keep grinding and finish”!  Thanks, Mort, and be well.

I also experienced my first cattle crossing during this ride.  Cows were being moved from one field to another and there I was, trying to ride by and asked to stop traffic.  I was ready, excited to do my part to help out the fine people of Kansas.  Any traffic would be halted if it killed me.  And there I stood, for 10 minutes, while the cows pranced to their new place and not one car came by.  Probably a scared of me.

And finally, as you will see in one of the pictures below, I have an affinity for brown-edged wafer cookies.  Yummy, yummy, yummy.  And I have loved them since I was a wee kid.  However, these cookies are homemade and can’t get them in Walmart, despite the fact you can get everything in Walmart.  All I’ll say is, “I need some, Mo.”

OK.  it’s now time to do duh wash.  Off day tomorrow, and new SAGger, Jim Mower.  Like all SAGgers before him, Barry was great.  Enjoyed spending time with him and will see him back in Cheltenham when I return.  1600+ down, another 1800+ to grind out.

Ride Hard.  Breathe Easy.  Chasing down a cure for lung cancer, one mile at a time!




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  1. John,
    Bill Flynn ’80.
    Great stuff Brother. In my prayers. Your doing tremendous work.
    My Dad SJP ’45 died of lung cancer…..I am all too familiar with this disease.
    Best_BF ’80

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