Great music playlist!

Before I left to start this ride, I was given many suggestions for a playlist.  With Bridget’s help, I created a playlist with ALL of the songs, and many of the suggestions came from Jean!  Thanks, Jean.  You have mahvelous taste in music.

And I received several comments last night and this morning that helped out today.  I am inspired by the fact this ride means something to others and that many people will join us on “beatlungcancer days on September 29 and and 30.

We (OK, Karen) did run into some troubles today, “parking” the van in a ditch.  No worries, people out here are great and Karen got the help she needed.

The ride was prettier than the last two days and the hills were just as tough.  Looking forward to getting to “flat Kansas” tomorrow.  Supposed to be a little hotter, so Barry and I will get an earlier start.

Yup, Barry is here, officially SAGger V6.  Karen and Bridget were awesome, and Barry has promised to lower the standards as we turn over to Jim Mower.

And finally, you may have noticed that I shaved.  My niece, Colette, said I should shave, so shave I did.  What do you think?  Should I bring back the beard again??

1,346 miles down, and another 80ish planned for tomorrow.  Any food suggestions for Girard, KS??




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  1. We had to make our last day interesting 😉

    Great job Jack! You are amazing and inspiring. And you are making a difference. Keep up the great work, we will be there with you in spirit.

    Be careful. I love you!

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