Following the Gremlin Rules

SAG V.6; Day 1 is in the books.

It started on Sunday with receiving Gremlin-like instructions from Karen O (and Bridget).  For those that don’t remember or did not see the movie:

“There are three rules: (1) no bright light, (2) don’t get him wet, and (3) never feed him after midnight, no matter how much he begs. Bright light hurts him, and sunlight can kill him. If he gets wet, he pops out more mogwais.”

For Jack/John, I was to make sure he applied his sun tan lotion, stayed hydrated, and he can actually eat anything.

We put the eating part to the test.   Sunday night it was dinner at the Black Sheep restaurant where we had gourmet burgers — beef topped with more beef with a side of “fried onions” — made blooming onions seem like health food.

A ride home from Margaret — luck of the Irish — Uber driver invited us to the world’s largest flat pick music fest which is starting Wednesday outside of Wichita — where we will be. I am pushing Jack/John to arrive early on Wednesday. Will see how that goes.  Margaret has gone with friends 29 years straight to this week long music festival — and to join her you need to tell a joke.  Working on it.

Today’s 83-mile ride from Ash Grove Missouri to Girard, Kansas was under perfect conditions. Early hills, followed by clear sailing into Kansas. Along the way, we stopped at Cooky’s — famous for its pie and bike riders.  We both had pie ala mode — as driving gets me hungry.   We then signed into Cooky’s rider’s book and met patrons who were also touched by cancer.

Recharging all batteries and selves with some MNF.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s ride through eastern Kansas!

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  1. John, welcome to Kansas! As a Kansas native and fellow SAP employee, I am particularly looking forward to following your ride through our state, as you go uphill toward Colorado. FYI, the music festival is called the Walnut Valley Festival and is actually held in Winfield, about 50 miles SE of Wichita and quite a bit south of your planned route. Happy riding! It appears you’re in for some sunny and warm weather over the next few days.

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