Family support from Eureka to Rolla

(Spotty Internet service prevented us from sending lat night)

From Karen Owens (John’s sister) and Bridget Owens (John’s niece)

We had a great, first full day as the SAG wagon drivers!  Knowing how awesome the first 4 SAGers have been was a little intimidating. We had some pretty big shoes to fill, and I think we did OK.

Collage 1Jack started the day in Eureka and finished 89 miles later at the Super 8 Hotel in Rolla. (Your options are pretty limited when you are staying in Rolla, MO). He made a few stops along the way. The first was in Villa Ridge. We met him right near the intersection of Routes M and AT. This was our first indication that we needed to keep our eyes open for reminders of family along the way.

The 2nd stop was in Stanton. Here we met Jack (aka John Joseph) just off route JJ. Yep. That really happened. Unfortunately he got a flat tire right at the end of that leg but he made it look easy as he changed the tire while he ate a sandwich before heading back on the road.

The next stop was in Cuba. As we were nearing our meeting spot we saw a sign for Owensville. Unfortunately that was 20 miles in the other direction, so we couldn’t get any souvenirs from there.Collage 2

There was a quick stop at St James Winery for a photo op for some of Jack’s close friends back home. (From what we hear, the wine isn’t very good.)

The day ended in Rolla. But not before we saw more signs reminding us of all of the family support that Jack can feel as he is pedaling across the country. We saw Jack In the Box, Johnnie’s, DJ’s, Country Bob’s Diner, Danny’s Gas Hole (look at the picture) and Matt’s Steakhouse. Randomly seeing a family members name when you are in the middle of Missouri can really make you smile 🙂

Collage 3We had a delicious dinner at Bandana’s BBQ where Jack was carded!!  He must look a lot younger now that he finally shaved 😉  or Cheyenne, our super-sweet waitress, was hoping for a big tip!

One last family sign came to me in a text. Today’s ride was dedicated to Marian McNamee who would have been celebrating her 77th birthday today if not for lung cancer. I received a picture of a few of her grandchildren thanking Jack for his tribute today. They are a great family … great support.

Overall Day 16 was incredible.  We are excited to get Day 17 started!!

PS – Good luck to my kids and all of their Fox Chase Soccer teams on their season openers today!!


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